2 Reasons Bathrooms Are Cold And How To Warm Them

A chilly bathroom is never fun. Here’s why your bathroom is cold and ways to warm the room.

A cold bathroom is not uncommon. Two things are mainly responsible when there is a distinct lack of warmth. First, bathrooms are not designed to maintain a perfect temperature throughout the seasons. Secondly, winter is a specifically harsh time for bathrooms.

Taking a bath or a shower in a cold bathroom can be hell. We explain why bathrooms get so chilly and also provide you with several effective ways to put the warm sparkle back into your haven.

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The Top 2 Reasons Why Bathrooms Are Cold

Bathrooms are designed to be functional – not temperature perfect. Bathrooms contain ceramic tiles, glass, chrome, and other materials that are resistant to the high levels of moisture and water that people use when they shower, bathe, or wash clothes. 

Since a bathroom is not designed to automatically regulate temperature, it can get very chilly on cold mornings and evenings. The second and related cause is winter. This frosty season is notorious for getting in and out of the shower a hellish experience. 

There are plenty of ways to warm up your bathroom during colder times. Most of them can be done immediately and without spending extra money (since you might already have the items you are going to need).

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Use A Heater To Warm The Bathroom

There are two types of heaters you can consider. One is a mobile heater and the other can be permanently installed in your bathroom. The latter is specifically designed to deal with the moisture and other conditions of a bathroom and might be the safer choice. However, if you place your mobile heater on a chair and keep it and its cable away from water and too much moisture, then there should be no problem. When switching your heater on or off, make sure that your hands are also dry.

Use Pre-Heated Towels

preheated towels

This method is a particularly luxurious option. It is also a welcome respite to the coldness if you do not have a heater or do not want to risk placing one in the bathroom. There are several ways to pre-heat towels to take into the bathroom when you head for a shower or bath. You can hang the towels over a radiator for a few minutes, use a special towel-warming machine, or place them in the clothes dryer. 

Turn Off Your Bathroom Extractor Fan

A bathroom extractor fan has one job – suck the excess hot moisture caused by a shower from the bathroom. This ensures that your bathroom does not look like a misty disaster and your mirror will also not get foggy. However, when your bathroom feels like a meat locker the last thing you want to be removed is hot moisture. 

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A bathroom extractor fan is a great option to make summer showers more bearable. But do not activate it while you take a shower during colder days or the winter. You can always turn it on once you are done. This will remove the moisture from the bathroom without turning you into an ice cube. 

Why turn on the extractor fan at all? Excess moisture causes mould and mildew to take over the bathroom and lead to unsightly blotches and possible respiratory health issues.

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Consider A Permanent Hot Bathroom Floor

Are you looking for a more permanent solution and would not mind the time and expenses that come with remodelling? Then a heated bathroom floor could be the answer to your frozen toes. 

There are a wide variety of options to install a heated floor. You need to take your time and discuss your needs and budget with experts to see what will work best for your bathroom. Some examples include heated mats and heated pipes installed under the floor.

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Consider A Temporary Hot Floor 

This is a great alternative to permanent mats and pipes under your bathroom floor. Bonus points if you love decorating your bathroom. Why? Because we are talking about plush and warm bathroom rugs. 

Luckily for bathroom junkies, the bathroom decor business is booming. There is no end to the colours and designs when it comes to floor mats. You can choose different shapes and sizes too. Oh, did we forget to mention textures? There is no end to the plush, soft, silky, toasty, whatever-you-need textures to suit everyone’s tastes.

When you find something you like, you can either cover only certain areas. For example, when you step out of the shower or bath. Some people like to add a large central carpet in the bathroom as well for both decoration and warmth. 

Seal The Windows 

Sometimes, a drafty window can chill a bathroom to its bone. If you suspect that this is the case, there are many products that allow homeowners to seal a drafty window frame themselves. If you are not sure if your window is the problem, hold a light paper in front of it (use tissue paper or even a square of toilet paper). If it moves, then there is a draft and the window needs to be caulked. 


Use Sunlight To Warm Your Bathroom

A sunny bathroom is a peaceful and inviting place. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that allows sunlight to stream into your bathroom windows, this can assist in your efforts to make the room warmer. 

Do not open the window as this will allow warm air inside the bathroom to escape. It can possibly even let a cold draft or wind into the bathroom. If your bathroom window has curtains, draw them back to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to enter and warm your bathroom.

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A Quick Overview On Why Bathrooms Get Cold

  • A cold bathroom can make taking a shower or a bath a very unpleasant experience. 
  • Cold bathrooms are mainly caused by the fact that the room is not designed to regulate temperature but to be functional in a watery environment. 
  • Bathrooms are also colder during chilly weather and winter.
  • There are many ways to warm the bathroom.
  • Some options are more drastic like installing a heated floor or a permanent bathroom heater.
  • Other options are temporary or light DIY jobs but they are nevertheless highly effective, including adding plush rugs, sealing the window against drafts, allowing sunlight into the bathroom, and turning off the bathroom extractor fan.

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