2 Ways To Clean Yellow Stains From Mattress Protectors

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Miss the days when you had a white mattress protector? We have all the tips you need to turn things around in no time.

Yellow stains are very common on bedding, including mattress protectors. They are removed with home remedies such as the popular vinegar and baking soda solution. Yellow stains can also be treated with commercial stain removers.

Learn more about where yellow stains come from and how to banish them for good!

The Most Popular Ways To Combat Yellow Stains On Mattress Protectors

What causes these sunny patches? Quite a few things actually. A young child or pet might have had a pee or vomiting accident. Fabric can turn yellow with age. Another culprit is sweat. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that your mattress protector can regain its lovely white colour again. 

The two most effective ways to get rid of yellow stains are:

  1. Using a mix of vinegar and baking soda.
  2. Using a commercial stain cleaner. 

The Importance Of Moving Quickly When There Is A Spill

When something spills on your mattress protector, time is of the essence. The quicker you notice or react to a urine or tea spill, the quicker and more complete the stain removal process will be. However, it is not a trainwreck if you come home after work and realize that the dog had peed on your bed hours ago. And what about those yellow age stains? They will be harder to remove but it is not impossible.

Do not forget the mattress when there is an accident! To help you get the best results, we have created a free guide on how to clean a mattress from top to bottom.

How Do I Use Vinegar And Baking Soda To Clean Yellow Stains?

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You probably already have everything you need but if not, all the ingredients and tools are very cheap and easily available. When you use vinegar around the home, always choose the real stuff. Imitation vinegar or a bottle of vinegar diluted with something else is not going to give you the great results of authentic vinegar. Most people also prefer to use white vinegar for stain removal.

Step 1: Get your things together! Grab an empty and clean spray bottle, vinegar, a box of baking soda, and clean cloths (you can also use paper towels if you prefer).

Step 2: Use a cloth or paper towel to dab at the spill to remove the excess moisture but do not worry too much at this point of getting it all out. Just remove what you can.

Step 3: Mix the water and vinegar in the spray bottle. The ratio is 50-50. So use equal parts of vinegar and water to make the solution.

Step 4: Place the mattress protector on a waterproof surface where you can treat it.

Step 5: Once you have it on the waterproof surface, take the bottle and liberally spray the stain with the vinegar solution.

Step 6: Dab lightly at the stain and repeat until the yellow colour is gone. 

Step 7: Alternatively, you can leave the solution to sit for an hour before sprinkling a lot of baking soda on the stain.

Step 8: Leave the mattress protector alone for a few hours and you will notice that the baking soda will start to form clumps as it absorbs the moisture of the vinegar blend. The baking soda will also get rid of the stain’s odour (which is good news for urine and vomit accidents).

Step 9: After a while, remove the excess baking soda with a clean cloth.

Step 10: Pop the protector in the washing machine (we will explain in a moment the perfect machine settings for the best results).

How Do I Use A Commercial Stain Remover For Yellow Stains?

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A commercial stain removal product is better than a home remedy under the following circumstances. You do not have the time (the baking soda and vinegar method can sometimes take the whole day if you need to repeat the process to lighten the stain). A commercial product is also the best way to go if your mattress protector is yellow due to age. Indeed, yellow age stains tend to be larger and this alone will make the vinegar route a more arduous one. 

Step 1: Never choose a harsh chemical or product to treat your protector. This will damage the item even more. Always choose a mild detergent or a mild stain remover.

Step 2: Read the instructions that came with the stain remover. This is essential to get the best results. 

Step 3: Closely follow the instructions of the stain remover.

Step 4: As an additional step, it might be best to throw it into the washing machine once you are done.

How Do I Safely Wash My Mattress Protector In A Washing Machine?

The key to keeping your mattress protector safe in a washing machine is low temperature. The best is cold to lukewarm. Never use high heat to wash your mattress protector. This will ultimately damage your item so much that the fibres will turn brittle and shorten the lifespan and effectiveness of your mattress protector. 

Something else we have also mentioned earlier is detergent. Always choose a mild product to use with your protector. Avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleach. If your mattress protector has a zipper it might also be best to wash it alone. That way, it cannot get tangled or hooked on other fabrics. 

How Do I Safely Dry My Mattress Protector?

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A tumble dryer can be used but in most cases, it can seriously damage a mattress protector. If you choose to have a go, keep the temperature as low as you can and remove the protector as soon as the cycle stops. Leaving it inside can risk melted parts, especially when plastic and waterproof areas of the item rests against the hot metal of the drum.

The ideal way to dry a mattress protector is air-drying. The safest and simplest way is to drape it over a washing line and let the wind and sun do the rest! You can even dry it indoors on a waterproof surface with fans placed nearby (in case you need that protector but the weather is rainy outside).

A Quick Summary On How To Remove Yellow Stains From A Mattress Protector

  • Yellow stains are very common on mattress protectors.
  • These stains are normally caused by vomit, urine, sweat, and ageing fabric.
  • A successful home remedy is to treat stains with the vinegar and baking soda method.
  • Commercial stain removers can also remove larger stains and age stains.
  • For the best results, run the mattress protector through a cycle in the washing machine at low or cold temperatures and air-dry.