3 Reasons Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing U

A flashing U is not a crisis. Learn what this error code means and how you can quickly fix the situation! 

A flashing U on an induction hob normally means that the appliance is struggling to complete the circuitry it needs to start the heating process. The main three reasons are incompatible cookware, an incorrectly placed pot or a pan is not positioned on the correct cooking zone.

You can fix all three triggers for the U error code at home. It should be very easy. Here’s how to get rid of that annoying U.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing U

For new hob owners or those who see a flashing U for the first time on their appliance, the experience can be disconcerting. Naturally, you might wonder how serious the problem is and whether you need to reach for an electrician’s number. The good news is that a flashing U is one of the lesser worries when it comes to a hob’s error codes. 

A flashing U normally points to one thing – a hob cannot complete the cycle it needs to warm up a cooking zone. To do this, it needs the right type of pot in the correct position. To recap, here are the top 3 reasons why your hob activates the U error code.

  1. The cookware that you are using is not compatible with an induction hob.
  2. The pot or pan you are using is not correctly placed on the cooking zone.
  3. The cookware is not placed on the correct cooking zone.

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How Do I Know Which One Of These 3 Is The Problem?

Figuring out which of the three main causes is causing your hob’s flashing U is a simple matter of eliminating them one by one. Seeing that none of them is too complicated, you should be able to quickly identify the problem by yourself and set it straight! Let’s have a look at each of the three causes.

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Is My Cookware Compatible With My Induction Hob?

To answer this question, you must first understand how an induction hob works. It warms cookware by electrical induction. Underneath the ceramic glass, rings of copper wire allow a current to flow and heat the cookware – but only if it is the right type of pot or pan.

So which is the right type of cookware? The good news is that you probably already have some in your home and you do not need to rush out to get special vessels. Cookware that will work on an induction hob must be made from some kind of ferromagnetic material. In other words, dust off grandma’s old cast iron pots and cook up a storm. If you do not have any cast iron pots, you can also use cookware made from stainless steel.

3 Reasons Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing U

A set of cast iron pans.

Cookware that does not work with an induction hob includes vessels made with aluminium, stoneware, glass or copper. When these pots are used, the induction hob might sense their presence but also that it cannot complete the heating cycle. For this reason, it will then start flashing the U error code. 

You can learn more about why induction hobs need special pans and other cookware. If you are specifically interested in grandma’s collection, read all about the compatibility of cast iron cookware with induction hobs.

How Do I Correctly Place My Cookware On An Induction Hob?

When it comes to cooking on an induction hob, placement is essential. If the cookware is incorrectly placed, the heating element might not activate and the chances are that the U error symbol will start flashing. 

Here are the best tips to master placement!

  • Do not use a pan or pot that is too small for the cooking zone. The heating element will not activate if the pan is too small.
  • Most induction hobs have circles on each cooking zones. Make sure that your cookware is centred as perfectly as possible in the middle. 
  • Cookware should not have a buckled bottom. It needs to make 100 percent contact with the hob’s surface to activate the heating process.
  • You can use a pan or pot that is smaller than the rings on a cooking zone but remember it might not activate the zone if the cookware is too small. If it activates, a smaller pot might also generate less heat. 
  • Larger pots can also be used on smaller cooking zones. However, it is critical not to do so when the bottom of the pot overreaches and makes contact with the cooktop (the metal part) or the control panel. Both instances can severely damage your induction hob.
3 Reasons Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing U

The Cookware Is Not Placed On The Correct Cooking Zone

Maybe your mind is elsewhere when you switch on the cooking zone and place the pot on the induction hob. Only when that U starts flashing do you realize that something is not right. A quick check should solve this problem! 

This happens to many people so do not be embarrassed. Plenty of times we activate one zone on an induction hob but then place the cookware on another zone. Simply pick up the pot and place it on the zone that you turned on and the U should stop flashing and disappear on its own.

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I Tried Troubleshooting All 3 Reasons And The U Is Still Flashing

Let’s say that you get a U error code on your induction hob. You fiddled with all three options and none of them made the U vanish. What is going on? The truth is that there should not be more reasons why your induction hob is still flashing the U error code. It could indicate a more serious malfunction with the hob itself. The best course of action is to either contact the manufacturer or get an experienced and qualified electrician to diagnose the problem.

A Quick Summary On Why Induction Hobs Display A U Error Code

  • Induction hobs have several error codes. The U error code is normally not a serious malfunction.
  • Most causes that trigger the U error code can be solved by the induction hob’s owner.
  • The three main causes are the incorrect placement of cookware on the hob, using the wrong type of pots or pans, and placing cookware in the wrong cooking zone.
  • Incorrect placement can be solved by using the right size cookware for each cooking zone, placing pots in the centre of the zone, and making sure that the pot’s bottom is making full contact with the hob’s surface. 
  • The wrong type of cookware can be solved by using ferromagnetic vessels like stainless steel and cast iron pots.
  • Placing a pot int he wrong cooking zone can be solved by picking up the pot and placing it on the zone you turned on.
  • If all the causes are fixed but the U error code is still being displayed, an electrician must have a look at the hob to determine if the problem is more serious.