4 Things That Stop Dogs From Pooping In Your Yard

Dog poop is unsightly and annoying if the pet is not even yours. Here are the most effective ways to keep your garden canine-free.

When you know the owner, you can talk to them about the problem. If the owner is unknown or not receptive, you can also fortify your fences, use automated sprinklers, and commercial dog repellents.

Doggy doo-doo looks and smells bad in any garden. But when the dog is not even yours, you also risk infectious parasites and diseases that might affect your own pets. Here are the four most effective ways to keep your lawn poop-free.

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The Top 4 Ways To Prevent Neighbourhood Dogs From Pooping In Your Garden

When your own pets poop in the garden, it is a part of ownership to deal with the matter. But nobody appreciates a neighbour’s dog doing its business in their yard, especially when the animal does so repeatedly. 

The four most effective ways to deal with this problem are:

  1. Have an amicable discussion with the owner.
  2. Mend your fences.
  3. Invest in motion-activated sprinklers.
  4. Use a commercial dog repellent.

A Word On Animal Cruelty

It is an unfortunate fact that some people use cruel tactics to deter dogs from their gardens. Harming the animal is never something that should be considered. Not only is it terribly painful or frightening for the dog but you can get in huge legal trouble. 

If you feel very upset with the dog, just remember that they have no concept of human ownership and property – and it is not the dog’s fault. If anything, the owner should have secured the pet instead of allowing it to roam around the neighbourhood.

One suggestion you might find on the Internet is to use cayenne pepper. Never do this. It is an outdated and cruel way to deter dogs that can harm your own pets as well.

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Talk To The Owner Of The Dog

4 Things That Stop Dogs From Pooping In Your Yard

If you know who the owner is, then you have the option to talk to this neighbour. Always try to keep things friendly – even when the owner is defensive or rude. You do not want things to escalate into a potentially drawn-out and even dangerous “neighbour war.” There are plenty of other things that you can do should the owner tell you that they could not care less about your garden. 

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Create A Dog-Proof Barrier To Deter Neighbourhood Dogs

A good fence can keep a T-Rex out. This might be the more expensive route to take but here are several of the benefits that you can expect if you invest in a fence.

  • A solid wooden fence will definitely stop the garden-pooping in its tracks – forever.
  • Your garden will look fantastic with a new fence, especially when it is wooden or ornate concrete.
  • Your home will have extra security when you add a wall or a fence around the property. 
  • You will enjoy a lot more privacy if you choose a high, solid-looking fence or wall. 
  • The value of your property will go up thanks to the extra security, privacy, and lovely appearance of a stylish fence or wall.

What Other Types Of Barriers Can I Use?

You can also plant a thick hedge around your property if you do not like walls or fences. It has the added bonus of not needing anyone’s permission to install. In some places, you need permission from the local authorities and neighbours to put up a fence or wall. 

You can also use a plain wire fence, nothing fancy. Even the barest and cheapest chicken-wire fence can help in a situation where you quickly need to stop dogs from pooping on your lawn. 

The good thing is that dogs will quickly learn to go elsewhere when they can no longer stroll onto your lawn. In this sense, you can use a temporary fence for a month or two and keep a look-out to see if the dog returns. If so, then you might need a more permanent fence or wall.

Invest In Motion-Activated Water Sprinklers

This is another great option if you do not want to add a fence or wall to the property. Not to mention that your garden will also be well-watered! But how effective are sprinklers against unwelcome dogs? 

While some dogs might be freakishly okay with being sprinkled, most will take off the moment that they feel the water hit their coats and faces. 

How Do The Sprinkler System Deter Dogs?

The moment the motion sensors detect movement, the sprinkler system activates and sprays water everywhere. Chances that the dog will get wet and run off is almost guaranteed. 

What Other Benefits Do Sprinklers Offer?

A lot of people love this idea because the whole thing is automated. They do not have to worry about being actively involved in deterring the dog anymore – the sprinkler system does that all on its own. 

Another benefit is that the sprinkler system will also keep unwanted cats and their potty habits out of your garden. So if you have problems with dogs as well as cats (and felines are hard to keep out with fences), then a sprinkler system can take care of both pesky pets at once. 

You Can Use A Commercial Dog Repellent

4 Things That Stop Dogs From Pooping In Your Yard

The good news is that there are limitless choices of commercial dog-repellents available today. You are really spoilt for choice! The bad news is that not every product is effective or even safe. 

Always research a given product carefully for safety and effectiveness by looking at reviews from other users. If an unsafe product harms a dog, you can get into legal trouble or that dog might even be your own beloved pet – so please do the legwork and make sure that you choose a pet-friendly repellent. 

How Do I Use A Commercial Dog Repellent?

Before using a commercial repellent, always read the instructions carefully and make sure that you understand them and agree with the claims. If you follow the instructions, then your repellent should produce the best results. It is as simple as that, yay!

A Quick Summary On How To Prevent Neighbourhood Dogs From Pooping In Your Garden

  • Dog poop looks and smells bad in the garden but is especially annoying when it’s somebody else’s dog leaving “surprises.”
  • Dog poop can also contain parasites and diseases that can make your own pets ill.
  • Deterring dogs are usually not a hard thing to do and several animal-friendly methods can keep dogs out of your yard.
  • If you know the owner of the animal, you have the option to discuss the problem with them. 
  • You can also enclose your property with a solid barrier like a wall or a wooden fence.
  • Commercial dog repellents are very effective.
  • Another popular option is a motion-activated sprinkler system that keeps dogs and cats out of the garden.

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