4 Ways To Fix Holes In Air Mattresses Without A Patch

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Need something to tide you over until you can get a patch – or maybe you just hate patches. Either way, here are the best alternatives!

A leak can be fixed by applying a glue gun, duct tape, a homemade patch or a commercial product.

If you are unsure of which solution is best for you, keep reading! We cover each one in detail. 

The Top 4 Methods To Seal Air Mattresses Without A Patch

There are great mattress sealing kits available these days. Some contain really good patches that do not even require any glue – you just stick them on there and wait a while before the air mattress is ready for use. But sometimes, a patch kit fails or the one you want is not available. For example, your air mattress springs a leak late at night and all the shops are closed. 

So what can a sleep-deprived individual do? Here are the top 4 alternatives to an air mattress patch.

  1. Use a glue gun.
  2. Apply a few strips of duct tape.
  3. Use a commercial product.
  4. Make a homemade patch.

Find The Air Leak Or Leaks

No matter which method you choose you need to find the leak and clean the area. Now, there are two ways to hunt down an air leak, especially when they are too tiny to see with the naked eye. You can listen for any noise or use soapy water to check for bubbles produced by the leak’s escaping air.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you search for the air leak or leaks.

  • Never assume there is just one leak. Examine the entire mattress.
  • The most common areas for leaks are in the seams and at the head and foot of the mattress (the vertical side panels at the ends of the bed).
  • Use a pen to mark the position of the leaks. 
  • Keep the mattress as fully inflated as you can.
  • To make the soapy water, mix equal parts of water and dishwashing liquid and smear onto the surface of the mattress.

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How To Clean The Area Around The Air Leak

gentle detergent

How well you clean the area around the leak will directly influence the success of your attempt to seal the hole. When a surface is moist, dusty or dirty, nothing can stick to it. At the very best, the time your sealant can work effectively will be greatly reduced. 

If you used soapy water to find the leak, then you really need to be certain that the area is dry and soap-free. Nothing ruins sticking stuff together like a wet and soapy surface. Once you have located the leaks, use a clean and dry cloth to clean the area around the hole. To be on the safe side, allow the mattress to air-dry for a couple of hours. 

Pro tip: Before you clean the air mattress, deflate the bed completely. 

How To Use A Glue Gun To Seal An Air Mattress

This is a popular and effective way but one must take care. Never let a child or uninformed person use the gun and also avoid touching the mattress with the nozzle of the gun. Doing so can melt the bed. A very important safety rule is to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling the glue fumes (which can be toxic).

Once the area around the leak is clean and dry, warm up the hot glue gun. When it’s ready, run the glue along the tear. Move in a slow and gentle fashion. After the glue has been applied, allow it to dry completely. How much time it needs will depend on the type of glue, how much you used, and even the weather. 

When the glue is completely dry, inflate the mattress and gently roll onto it. If the glue patch holds your weight, then pull up that blanket and go to sleep!

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How To Use Duct Tape To Seal An Air Mattress

Gather a sharp pair of scissors and a roll of duct tape. This method is really simple and a lot safer than the glue gun! You don’t need to worry about inhaling any fumes or melting the mattress. All you need are a couple of duct tape strips.

To seal the hole, place one strip directly over the tear and gently smooth the tape over the surface of the mattress to ensure that it seals a big area around the tear. But you also want to make sure that this strip stays in place. Take four additional strips of duct tape and overlap them along each border to seal the first piece off completely. 

Inflate the mattress and gently place your weight on the bed as you normally would. For small holes, duct tape should take care of the problem the first time. But in cases where the holes are bigger, you might need to add extra layers of duct tape.

Use A Commercial Product To Seal An Air Mattress

spray sealer air mattress

Alright, let’s be realistic. You might not have a can of commercial sealer lying around when you realize your mattress is deflating at two in the morning. But this is really something to think about (you know, to get one to add to your DIY kit sometime in the future). These products are specifically designed to be effective and easy to use. We are not talking about patches, either. Some items are like glue while others can be sprayed on the leak. 

For the best results, always follow the instructions that come with the product. 

How To Make A Homemade Patch To Seal An Air Mattress

All you need is plastic and strong glue. The plastic needs to come from something like a raincoat or a shower curtain, not a plastic baggie. You simply cut a large square or circle from the plastic, apply some glue and slap it over the leak. Allow the patch to dry for an hour before you use the mattress again. 

A Word On Warranties

When you consider using a DIY method to patch your air mattress, keep in mind that this can cancel your warranty. If you have a guarantee on the bed, rather see what your choices are in that regard before you go the DIY route. Some brands will offer to repair or replace the air mattress if the leak is due to a factory mistake.

A Quick Summary On How To Seal A Mattress Air Leak Without A Patch

  • When an air mattress leaks, the hole is normally fixed with a patch kit.
  • There are several alternatives that can help out when a kit is not available.
  • The 4 most common ways are to seal the leak with duct tape, a hot glue gun, a commercial sealer, and a homemade patch.
  • In some cases, a DIY fix can cancel an air mattress’s warranty.