5 Ways To Keep Black Bathroom Tiles Clean

Black tiles are classy – but not when they become dull or stained. We give you the most effective ways to clean your dark walls and floor.

Black tiles can regain their lustre with special commercial products and homemade solutions. But for the best results, black tiles must be pre-cleaned and also washed on a regular basis.

Black tiles come with their own special brand of blemishes. We give you all the advice you need to make them shiny and dark once more.

The Top 5 Methods To Clean Black Tiles

Black tiles are either smooth or have a matt surface. A common misconception is that their dark colour will not show dirt as fast as white or lighter-coloured tiles. Unfortunately, this is not true. Black tiles can fade and develop water stains from hard water. The discolouration is unsightly and makes a previously beautiful bathroom look old and ugly. 

Thankfully, there is plenty you can do to preserve and clean your black bathroom floor. Here are the top 6 suggestions. 

  1. Keep a regular precleaning and cleaning routine.
  2. Use commercial products for black tiles.
  3. Try the vinegar solution.
  4. Use a blend of lemon and water.
  5. Warm water and soap.

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Keep A Regular Precleaning And Cleaning Routine

This is a good rule if you hate cleaning floors. A regular precleaning and cleaning routine will not only keep the tiles in good condition but also shorten the amount of time you spend mopping the floor or washing the walls. 

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Precleaning. This task should not be difficult at all but it is crucial. If you skip this step, it could make the dirt on your tiles smear all over the place instead of being removed. Precleaning the floor simply involves sweeping up debris like dust, pet hair and possibly scraping off tougher patches of grime. You can preclean wall tiles with a quick wipe of a cloth to get rid of dust and moisture.

A regular cleaning routine. Each bathroom is unique. You know how long it takes before your tiles need to be cleaned again. Aim to clean it before that time. If you maintain the tiles in this manner, they will remain in great shape and as we mentioned a little earlier, the dirt will have less time to accumulate and thus, be quicker to clean.

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Use Commercial Products For Black Tiles

5 Ways To Keep Black Bathroom Tiles Clean

Tile cleaners are a huge business. There is a special niche just for black tiles. There are literally countless cleaners and concentrates that promise to return the gloss to your dark bathroom floor. You can find the best product through reviews, recommendations or trying out a few products yourself. 

Do Normal Cleaners Also Work For Black Tiles?

In most cases, yes. But a cleaner that is not specifically designed for black tiles is not wholly recommended. Some contain chemicals that will not harm white tiles but can damage black floors. Rather play it safe and use the suggestions on this list or opt for a commercial cleaner for black tiles.

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Try The Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is famous among those who love DIY and natural products to clean their homes. As it turns out, vinegar can make black tiles clean and glossy too. 

Step 1: Gather a bucket, mop, and vinegar (avoid the bottles of imitation or diluted vinegar).

Step 2: Pour about 5 litres of water into the bucket and add a cup of vinegar. Mix the two well.

Step 3: Clean the floor but rinse the mop every time you notice that the mop is beginning to create brown streaks on the floor. Once rinsed, you can resume cleaning the floor.

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Use A Blend Of Lemon And Water

5 Ways To Keep Black Bathroom Tiles Clean

Lemon is another great way to shine tiles, including dark or black tiles. If you have lemons in your pantry, grab a few and get ready to treat your bathroom to a great cleaner that will leave the room smelling fruity and fresh. 

Step 1: Gather a sharp knife, cloth/sponge.

Step 2: Cut the lemons in half and extract the juice. You can use a special lemon juicer or just crush the fruit with your hand.

Step 3: Dip the sponge or cloth in the juice and wipe the tiles down. 

Step 4: Do not leave the solution on the tiles. Once the floor or wall is clean, use water to wipe the tiles in order to remove the last traces of the lemon juice. 

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Use A Blend Of Warm Water And Soap

Here is a fun fact. Dishwashing liquid can make an excellent tile cleaner. However, you need to keep a few things in mind before you grab the bottle from the kitchen sink. Never use a dishwashing liquid that is ultra-strong or homemade by a friend (some contain chemicals that are not safe for tiles). Choose a mild dishwashing liquid. Finally, do not use so much that a residue remains after you mop the floor as this will leave marks on the floor.

Step 1: Gather a bucket, warm water, a mild dishwashing liquid, tablespoon, mop and/or sponge.

Step 2: Fill the bucket with roughly 5 litres of warm water.

Step 3: Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of the dishwashing liquid and mix well with the water. That’s right, make some bubbles.

Step 4: Before you begin, make sure that your mop or sponge is as clean as possible. Any old dirt from a previous cleaning session will transfer to the floor as soon as the water dissolves them from the mop.

Step 5: Mop the floor or use the sponge to clean the walls with the solution. Once again, stop mopping the floor the moment you notice brown streaks and wash the mop under clean water.

Step 6: It is also a good idea to wipe the floor tiles and walls with clean water afterwards to ensure that all dishwashing liquid residues are gone.

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An Overview On How You Can Keep Black Bathroom Tiles Shiny

  • The notion that black tiles do not show dirt and blemishes is a myth.
  • Black tiles need regular maintenance to look their best for years to come.
  • There are special commercial products that are designed to clean black tiles and make them glossy. 
  • Several homemade solutions can also return the sparkle to black tiles. 
  • Tile cleaners for lighter-coloured tiles are not recommended as they might contain chemicals that can discolour black tiles. 
  • If the tiles are in good condition, a regular cleaning routine with just a quick broom sweep and mopping with water can also keep black tiles shining.