5 Ways To Make A Comfortable Bed Without A Mattress

hammock without mattress

Tired of your uncomfortable mattress or just want to try something new? Here are 5 mattress alternatives for the adventurous!

Mattress alternatives include couches, sleeping bags, stitched pillows, camping beds, and even hammocks.

You really do not need a mattress to get a good night’s sleep. Here are 5 of the most popular things you can kip on instead!

The Top 5 Ways To Sleep Comfortably Without A Mattress

There are different reasons why people look for alternatives. Perhaps your bed has broken or you can no longer stand the poor quality of the mattress. Maybe you want to try a more minimalistic approach and use something that doubles as a bed or can be put away during the day. Whatever your reason, here are the 5 most popular alternatives to sleeping on a mattress.

  1. Use a couch (normal or the pull-out variety).
  2. Snuggle into a sleeping bag.
  3. Sew large pillows together. 
  4. Set up a camping bed.
  5. Swing in a hammock (but not if you are prone to motion sickness)!

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using A Couch

Ever heard of couch surfing? This term basically just means that you are sleeping on a couch. While it more commonly refers to sleeping on someone else’s couch, let’s not split hairs! You can surf at home on your own couch too.

The Benefits Of A Couch

The benefits of sleeping on a couch are that it comes close to the feeling of a mattress. If you don’t like sleeping on the floor, it’s another bonus. A big plus point is the fact that you do not need to build or arrange anything. The couch is already ready (except if it’s a pull-out bed). 

The Drawbacks Of A Couch

The drawbacks of sleeping on a couch range from mild chores to unforgivable discomfort. The chores, of course, involves dressing the couch with bedding but that is not too bad. After all, you need that blanket, sheet, and pillows. But if you are a lengthy fellow, your legs will feel cramped on a couch – especially if the couch is just a couch and not a pull-out bed. 

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using A Sleeping Bag

sleeping bags

Using a sleeping bag instead of a mattress is another great way to get comfortable at night. However, as we will soon see, it might not be the perfect solution for everyone. 

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The Benefits Of A Sleeping Bag

The benefits are many. A sleeping bag is basically an all-in-one bed. You get the cushioned underside (that replaces the mattress) and the top cover (so no need for blankets). Needless to say, you can also easily pick up and move the bag wherever you want. Don’t like this corner? Just pick up the bag and move closer to the TV, it’s that easy. 

Creature comforts aside, a sleeping bag is also designed for easy storage and this makes it a great option if you need to sleep at a location where there are no beds. 

The Drawbacks Of A Sleeping Bag

Most drawbacks are related to poor quality or poor flooring. You can have the best sleeping bag but if you sleep on a bumpy surface, you are not going to be very comfortable! Luckily, the solution could be as simple as finding an even surface or adding extra blankets underneath the sleeping bag. 

Poor quality sleeping bags often also struggle to retain heat, meaning that you might get colder than you’d like during the night. Another drawback that must be closely watched is high humidity or any other kind of situation where moisture is involved. It’s best not to leave the sleeping bag on the floor during the day. Packing it away in a dry place keeps the bag safe from moisture in the air and on the floor. You also get a chance to inspect it for mouldiness each time you retrieve the sleeping bag for the night as well. 

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Sew Large Pillows Together As A Makeshift Mattress

This method is a favourite of those who are handy with, well, hand-craft. When you choose the right type and size pillows and knows just how to sew them together securely, the results can be dreamy. 

The Benefits Of Sewing Large Pillows Together

You can choose your own size pillows and the depth that you want. Heck, you can choose the colours you want! For those who love doing crafts, this is also a great project to keep yourself busy with (release those sewing endorphins)! If you are particularly handy at DIY, this mattress alternative can turn out to look professional and chic. 

The Drawbacks Of Sewing Large Pillows Together

The first drawback that jumped at you is a pretty obvious one – it’s time-consuming and not for the first-time novice. You might also need to add extra blankets under the pillows to ensure they stay clean, stable, and more comfortable. Needless to say, a couple of pillows sewn together is also very hard to launder! You might want to consider only sewing the jackets together so that you can remove the pillows and wash the sewn pockets when they get too dirty.

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Set Up A Camping Cot

camping cots

Another popular replacement for a mattress is a camping bed. They serve as beds but are perfectly comfortable without a mattress!

The Benefits Of A Camping Cot

The benefits of a camping cot include mobility and comfort. The bed is easy to fold away and transport too. Add enough blankets and perhaps a mattress topper and you won’t even know that you are missing a mattress. 

The Drawbacks Of A Camping Cot

Camping cots definitely cannot be used without some kind of insulation. Just put down a blanket or topper before you turn in otherwise the cold might seep through the underside of the cot. Poor quality camping beds can also collapse if a person places too much weight on them. 

Try Swinging In A Hammock

A hammock might be the least suitable for a good night’s sleep. Why? Well, it tends to swing a little with every movement. For some this is soothing – so that’s a win. But hammocks rarely give the spine the support it needs during the night. You can try a hammock for a couple of nights but try not to make it your permanent bed. 

Another drawback is assembly. Hammocks are often complicated set-ups but this is to assure your safety. A badly assembled hammock can come crashing down with you inside! Ouch.

A Quick Summary On How To Sleep Comfortably Without A Mattress

  • People need a mattress alternative when they have a bad bed, a broken mattress or just want to try something else.
  • The most popular options include hammocks, camping cots, sleeping bags, cushions, and hitting the couch.