A Guide To Fixing An Air Mattress With A Hot Glue Gun

glue gun air mattress

Do you want to try this popular DIY hack? We reveal the steps you need to safely fix your leaking air mattress with a hot glue gun.

Fixing a leaking air mattress with a glue gun requires certain steps. The leak must be found, the area properly cleaned, and the glue must be applied in the correct manner to avoid further damage to the bed. 

A hot glue gun is a popular fix for leaking air beds. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind and be realistic about. But don’t worry. We will explain everything you need to know to successfully patch your air bed.

The Truth About Fixing An Air Mattress With A Hot Glue Gun

We mentioned earlier that this is quite a popular hack and rightfully so. Using glue to seal a leak in an air mattress is not only effective but also quick. However, this method is still a temporary fix. Depending on the circumstances, the severity of the hole, and how often you use the mattress, the glue will eventually give out. But the good news is that a glue gun can help you to get through something like a camping trip where you are suddenly faced with a leaking mattress.

Here are the steps below.

  1. Find the leak in the mattress.
  2. Clean the area.
  3. Apply the glue.

How To Find A Leak In An Air Mattress

dishwash liquid bubbles

When an air mattress is leaking, the signs are pretty obvious. The bed no longer feels supportive and starts to sag. On a rare occasion, you might even hear the air leave the leak. But finding the leak is not always so easy, especially when the tear is tiny. Needless to say, finding a small hole on something as big as a mattress can be irritating and time-consuming. Let’s look at a way that will hopefully shorten the time that you spend looking for the damage. 

The best way is to listen for escaping air. Fill the mattress with air and slowly walk around it, putting an ear close to the surface and along the sides. Most people find the tear quickly this way but if yours is more elusive, turn your attention to the two areas that are notorious for leaks. 

The first is the head or the foot of the bed. Like, the vertical panel at the ends. The second place or places, rather, that are notorious for leaks are the seams. If the leak is particularly evasive, mix a soapy solution of water and dishwashing liquid and apply the liquid in grids. When you spot bubbles you have found your leak. Mark it with a pen so that you do not lose the location again.

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How To Clean The Area 

Once you have pinpointed the leak, the next step is to clean the surrounding surface. This step ensures that the glue will get a nice grip and hopefully keep the hole sealed for longer. The good news is that you do not need any special cleaning materials. You probably have everything you need in the kitchen or at the campsite. 

What Do I Need To Clean The Area?

  • A clean cloth or sponge.
  • Clean water. 

We have a free guide on how to clean a mattress for you!

How Do I Clean The Area?

Cleaning the area is simple. First, completely deflate the air mattress. Press all the air out and make sure that the mattress is arranged flat on a dry surface. Next, take the cloth or sponge and dip them in the water. The area around the leak must be gently wiped but aim for a thorough cleaning. You do not want any debris like dust and dirt to remain behind and interfere with the glue’s integrity!

The last step is to pat the area dry and then leave the mattress for a while. Once you are sure that the bed is completely dry, the time has come to whip out the hot glue gun!

Safety Rules For Using A Hot Glue Gun

glue gun with a stand

In case you are new to using a hot glue gun, here are some of the most important safety guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Never let a child or uninformed person handle the glue gun.
  • Read the user manual thoroughly and make sure that you understand how to use your glue gun safely.
  • Before using the gun, inspect the tool for any signs of damage.
  • Wear heat-resistant gloves and safety goggles.
  • Never put a glue gun down on its side. If you must put it down, place the gun upright in a stand of some kind.
  • Do not touch the nozzle.
  • Place a tough material, like cardboard, on the floor to catch any dripping glue.
  • Do not leave a plugged-in gun alone. 
  • Do not point it at someone else or a pet.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling the glue fumes.

How To Apply The Glue

Just keep in mind that a hot glue gun cannot repair major holes and tears. This method is only effective if the hole is small. If the hole is larger, rather use a temporary fix like duct tape or a patch. But let’s get back to using that glue gun on tiny tears.

  1. Warm up the hot glue gun. 
  2. Never touch the glue gun to the mattress. It can melt the plastic. 
  3. Hold the gun over the leak.
  4. Carefully slide the gun over the leak to cover it up.

How Soon Can You Use The Air Mattress After Fixing Leaks With Glue?

This might be relative to the situation. However, in most cases, you can use your air mattress after the glue has had time to dry properly. If you use it while the glue is still drying, it could make the problem worse. Rather give it enough time before you inflate the mattress again. 

Once you feel that the bed is ready, it’s time for a test. Inflate the air bed as you normally would and lie down. Read a chapter or think about something nice for 15 minutes. If the mattress does not deflate, then the hole is fixed!

A Quick Summary On How To Fix Air Mattress Leaks With A Hot Glue Gun

  • A hot glue gun is a popular hack to fix leaks in air mattresses.
  • However, this method is only a temporary fix.
  • The knowledge of glue gun safety is paramount.
  • Once the leak is located, the area must be cleaned and dried.
  • The glue must be applied without the nozzle touching the mattress.
  • The glue must be given ample time to dry.
  • A test should be done to see if the fix was successful.