About Us

Welcome to Need That Idea! Where we try to find products that save you time, money and generally solve problems around the house to make your life that little bit easier.

Family Owned With Family Values

My Wife And I started this business in June 2024 so we are very new. But rest assured we are 100% committed to turning you all in to loyal fans and feeling like family.

Most companies these days you can’t really get in touch with, which makes no sense to us. We want you to feel like you are apart of our family, so we have many different ways to get directly in touch with us. Please just reach out, even if it’s just to say hello

FREEPHONE – 0800 316 76 16

Speak to us for FREE!

We don’t like having to pay to speak to someone about their product, so why would you.

Whatsapp – 0800 316 76 16

We understand some people just like sending texts. So we have set up a Whatsapp line to get in touch with us.

Email – hello@needthatidea.co.uk

For those of you who like to email, we also reply to those too!

Here’s a picture of us so you know who you’re talking to, although I have definitely put on a couple of pounds since our twins have come along