How to Clean a Deep Fat Fryer

When you cook a lot with your deep fat fryer, you have a job to clean it a lot too. However, cleaning can be challenging when you have too many caked on cooking oils and food particles on the fryer. Cleaning a deep fryer is not like cleaning dishes, it takes longer. But, when you clean it immediately, you reduce effort required to clean it every time. So the choice is, do you buy another one as they are relatively cheap, in which case you can can over our deep fat fryer reviews, or if not you can follow the below guide which talks you through the steps of cleaning your deep fat fryer.

How to Clean a Deep Fat Fryer in 13 Steps

#1. Clean your deep dryer as needed.

If you use it frequently, you should also clean it as often so that you can prevent the buildup of dirt and grunge that may be more difficult to remove. However, if you only use it occasionally, it is recommended to clean it immediately after each use. When cleaning, avoid putting it in the dishwasher or sink. Water may penetrate it. And this might lead to electrical shortage that might damage the device.

#2. Let it cool down before washing.

You should never clean your deep fryer while plugged in. True, it may save time. But it can also burn you. Let it cool down completely before attempting to wash it. In addition, avoid adding water to the oil container as the combination may trigger an explosion.

#3. Extract the oil.

When the fryer is completely cool, drain the oil from the container. You can either dispose of the oil or keep it for use in the future. To store for future use, keep it in a sealed container and in a cool, dry place. You can find out about using your cooking oil for other purposes here ( And if you are disposing it off, do so in a sealed container and never pour it down your sink because it can clog your drain.

#4. Take out the frying basket.

Put it in your sink and put a drop or two of your liquid washing detergent. For best result, don’t wash it immediately. Leave it for a while.

#5. It’s time to wipe off the oil residue on the pot and lid.

You can use a damp – but not dripping – sponge for wiping off the oil and food residue on the pot and lid. If there are caked on food on the pot, use a spatula to wipe it off. Do it gently so you don’t damage the finish. Want to be safe? Use a stiff plastic. A decent one will do the job. If the lid is removable, separate it from the pot and clean it independently.

#6. Clean the heating element on the deep fryer.

How to Clean a Deep Fat Fryer

If there is some oil residue on your deep fryer’s heating element, wipe them off with a kitchen paper. Be careful not to damage the metal rods comprising the heating element. If your device comes with a removable element, it can be very easy to clean. Some models have it attached to the pot and a pull up will separate them for easy clean.

Look over your device booklet or manual to see which design your model has.

#7. Use a sponge and dish soap to spread suds in and around the dryer.

Drip 3 or 4 drops of liquid soap into the dryer. Use the same measure around the side too. And using your sponge spread lather by scrubbing in cycles from the bottom side upwards.

#8. Pour hot water into the dryer.

Don’t put the fryer into the dishwasher or sink; it can expose the electrical component to liquid. Instead, use a kettle or the likes to bring the water from your faucet mouth and pour into the dryer. Allow the water to have its effect for 30 minutes.

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#9. Dip the frying basket into warm water and clean it by wiping thoroughly.

To remove food particles, use a tooth-brush, which is very effective. When you are done, rinse the basket to remove any resident soap. Put it on a dry surface or towel to dry.

#10. Filter on fryer lid.

This step requires you to check your maker’s instruction manual to see what filters you have on the dryer. If it is charcoal odor-filter, you cannot remove it for washing. Once it’s clogged, it needs changing. However, if you have a foam grease-filter, you can clean it. If it’s the latter, use a wet, soapy kitchen paper to clean it. Then wipe oil and soap with another dry towel.

#11. Now go back to your pot after 30 minutes has elapsed and wash it.

If the water is filled to the brim, pour half away and wash the pot. Use a sponge to wipe the sides, top, and inside of the pot.

#12. Rinse the pot.

Use your hand to wipe the sides, base and inside. Rinse until all soap are gone.

#13. Let it dry completely before using it.

You should now have something very clean to use next time.

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