How To Fix A Milk Frother (And Top Reasons They Break)

Tea and coffee just taste better with frothed milk. Get back in the game by fixing that broken frother today!

When a milk frother stops working, one must troubleshoot several things. The item must be properly cleaned and the wand must be correctly aligned. This should fix the milk frother.

Learn how you can fix your frother and enjoy milky brews in no time!

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Top 2 Reasons Why Milk Frothers Stop Working

When your frother stops working, it steals those white tea and coffee drinks that you are so fond of. But you don’t always have to rush out and buy a new one. If your fingers are DIY nifty, then there is a chance of fixing up the old frother and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee today.

But in order to fix the appliance, one must first look at what can go wrong with it. When frothers fail to work, one of two things is normally responsible.

  1. There is some kind of dirt interfering with the frother’s functionality.
  2. The frother’s wand is misaligned and needs to be corrected.

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Common Problems With a Milk Frother and How to Fix Them

A Broken Frother Is Not Always Obvious

Very often, looking at a milk frother one cannot tell that there is something wrong with it. It seems to be working just fine. However, this does not mean that all is peachy. When the performance seems fine but the taste of your frothed milk is no longer as great as it used to be, then there might be a problem with the frother.

The best way to find out if your frother has a problem is to inspect it manually. The earlier you spot the problem, the easier it will be for you to save the frother from worse damage. This is another reason why one must not hesitate to inspect the frother when you taste the tea is no longer as tasty. Continuing to use the frother when there is a problem could harm it beyond repair.

Borosilicate Glass Milk Frother By Bodum

How To Deal With Dirt

Once you realize that the joy is gone from your coffee, inspect the milk carafe or the piping in the frother for dirt. Sometimes too much dirt in the milk tank or the piping could affect the taste and hence the quality of your drink.

Dirt may cause serious damage to your milk frother especially if it’s left unattended for a long time. The good news is that the moment a speck of debris lands inside the appliance, it won’t cause a serious problem (actually, no problems at all). The only way dirt may become an issue in your milk frother is if the debris is left to accumulate over time.

The main form of dirt in a frother is crusted milk residue. This dirt accumulates and eventually clogs the machine causing the frother to perform poorly.

How Do I Fix This Problem?

A regular maintenance schedule will completely prevent this problem from ever getting a foothold. In other words, regularly wash and clean your milk frother as stipulated by the guidelines in the user manual. But what if the residue is already too much and affecting the performance?

If you want to correct this mess, the simplest thing to do is clean the frothing machine thoroughly. This should get your frother up and running in no time.

Perhaps you are wondering how you are going to be able to tell if your wand is dirty. Well, it is very simple. Just carry out a thorough inspection of the outer case of the wand especially the small hole at the bottom. If the hole is covered, then there is a chance that it needs a thorough cleaning.

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How To Deal With A Poorly Aligned Wand

milk frother wand

You can tell if the wand in your frother is poorly aligned by performing the steam test. This test will also help you to rule out the possibility of a major problem causing the frother to malfunction.

If you have used the frother for a considerable length of time, you probably know how much milk it can froth at a time and the consistency of the froth. This will clue you in pretty quickly when the performance degrades in any way. It is advisable to carry out a steam test using a cup of water. If you realize that there might be a problem with the steam function, the right thing to do is check the wand for dirt or misalignment.

How Do I Fix This Problem?

The dirt can be cleaned, if there is any. If the clean frother fails the steam test again, the wand might definitely be misaligned.

The best thing to do is to return to the user manual. There should be a section that explains how to restore correct alignment. Be sure to follow the steps carefully and they should prevent similar future problems with your milk frother.

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A Quick Summary On How To Fix A Broken Milk Frother

  • Milk frothers make white tea and coffee taste delicious.
  • When these appliances perform poorly, two reasons are usually responsible.
  • The reasons include an accumulation of dirt or a misaligned wand.
  • Both problems can be fixed by a thorough cleaning and also by following the steps in the troubleshooting section of the user manual.
  • Neglecting to care for the milk frother can drastically damage and shorten the lifespan of this nifty tool.