Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer Problems – What They Are and How to Fix Them?

Thinking of buying this model? Or if your Aquarius washer-dryer is not working properly, here are two common problems and their solutions.

The Hotpoint Aquarius washer-dryer works well. But like all appliances, there are sometimes problems that crop up. With this washer dryer, the two most common issues are clothes that come out hot and wet as well as cycles that never finish.

This article is for those who want to prepare themselves against either blooper or those who might be currently experiencing one or both.

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The Top 2 Problems That Occur With Aquarius Washer-Dryers

​A washer-dryer is a 2-in-1 appliance that blends a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Just like any other appliance at home, a washer-dryer is prone to breakdowns and faults at least once in the course of its lifetime.

Often when this happens, plenty of owners fall into the frenzy of panic and worry. This should not be the case because more often than not, both faults are not very complex and can be fixed with simple DIY tools and procedures.

But let’s rain on the parade for a second here (sorry). If you are not very handy with large appliances or have little DIY experience with electronics, we strongly advise you to contact a professional. This can avoid you getting electrocuted, the machine being damaged even more, and some manufacturers might cancel the warranty if you fix the washer-dryer yourself.

In this article, we focus on the Hotpoint Aquarius washer-dryer and its two common issues.

  1. The machine keeps stopping before the cycle is done.
  2. The laundry comes out hot and wet.

We also wrote a comprehensive article to explain why your washer-dryer is not drying the laundry as well as it should. It includes everything you need to know to solve the problem for good.

Can You Tell Me More About The ​Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer?

If you are considering purchasing this brand, then this section is for you. If you just want to troubleshoot and find the solutions, then skip on ahead!

​The Hotpoint Aquarius washer-dryer is a washing machine/tumble dryer combo that offers great washing power, stain removal and a dedicated tumble drying function to give you the ultimate laundry experience. It is an “A” rated washer-dryer weighing approximately 8Kg with a drying capacity of 6Kg and a 1400rpm spin speed.

Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer Problems – What They Are and How to Fix Them?

Common Problems & Solutions For The Hotpoint Aquarius

The Washer-Dryer Keeps Stopping Prematurely

This seems to be one of the most common problems encountered by those who own this model. Sometimes the machine just refuses to complete a cycle and this can be while the washer is running as well as the dryer. It will start like normal but at some point, before the cycle is done, the appliance will just grind to a halt.

The machine usually does this a few minutes into the cycle. Once the cycle freezes, the washer-dryer starts to flash all the buttons continuously until you turn off the entire machine. The bad news is that when this happens, the appliance is unusable until the cause is identified and eliminated. The cause is usually a blocked filter/drain motor or pump.

The first step to fixing this problem is cleaning the drain motor, the filter and the lint tray. It is worth noting that a blocked filter is known to be the main cause in most cases where a washer-dryer sudden freezes. The instructions for cleaning the drain motor and the filter should be available in the instruction manual that came with your washer-dryer.

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The ​Clothes Are Coming Out Hot and Wet

This is another problem Aquarius owners encounter – although it’s not as common as the first one. In this case, you place the laundry in the dryer and everything appears to be working fine. The clothes tumble, the cycle completes, and the timer chimes. But once you remove the clothes from the dryer, they are hot and wet. The hot part is pretty normal but clothing should never come out of a dryer feeling wet or even slightly moist.

The issue behind this problem is a blockage in the condenser chamber. It could also be an issue where steam is not condensing into water at all. Normally, for the clothing to dry, the water is pumped away through the chamber but when that mechanism fails, you are likely to get wet laundry after a cycle is done.

Unblocking the condenser chamber can help to fix this problem once and for all. However, in case this fails to work, it is advisable to have the appliance checked by a professional. More often than not, similar problems are usually fixed by a simple unblocking of the condenser chamber.

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A Quick Summary On The Hotpoint Aquarius Washer-Dryer’s Problems

  • ​The Hotpoint Aquarius washer-dryer is a popular appliance for those who do not want to buy separate washer and tumble dryer machines.
  • Two common problems owners experience is when the machine freezes mid-cycle or when a dryer cycle completes but the laundry comes out warm and wet.
  • Freezing mid-cycle is usually caused by blocked parts.
  • Wet clothing from the dryer is normally caused by a malfunctioning condenser chamber.
  • While these problems sometimes happen on their own, it is worth noting that improper use or not following the user guidelines can also cause them.
  • Those with relatively good DIY skills can follow the user manual to fix these problems.
  • You can also call a professional repair company to troubleshoot and fix your washer-dryer if you do not have the know-how or the time to do so yourself.