Hotpoint Washer Drier Recall – Everything You Need to Know

​Approximately 4 million Hotpoint washer driers were affected by a fault that potentially raised the risk of them causing a fire.

These machines were the ones manufactured between 2004 and 2015 and apart from Hotpoint, other brands included Indesit and Creda all of which were forced to recall the affected models.

A safety alert was issued following this revelation, which highlighted about 113 different models of tumble dryers.

This article intends to highlight all that you need to know concerning the incident that resulted in the recalling of these washer dryer models.

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​The Actual Problem

Two of Hotpoint’s tumble dryers (large air-vented drier and condenser dryer) were identified to have a problem whereby when too much fluff gets into contact with the heating element, a potential risk of fire increases. Although this was identified as an occurrence that only manifests in rare cases, the company thought it wise not to take any chances with the situation. These dryers were sold under the brand names of Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit and following the issuance of an alert notice, they were all flagged for safety concerns.

Although the affected brands were identified, the manufacturer did not narrow down to the specific models that were affected by the fire risk. However, the full list containing the model numbers of the affected models is available in the company’s website.

It is worth noting that the findings were simply safety concerns and do not necessarily mean that you should panic in case you find out that your model is among the ones listed on the website.

Hotpoint Washer Drier Recall – Everything You Need to Know

​How to Know if Your Model Is at Risk?

​The manufacturer has come up with for one to find out if their model is exposed to the risk of fire. What you need to do is look for a green dot sticker on the dryer’s door or at the back plate. The presence of this dot at either location indicates that your tumble dryer is okay and no action is required. If, on the other hand, you notice that the green dot sticker is missing at the door and the back of the washer dryer, then you need to return it to the manufacturer for a replacement because what that means is that you are in possession of a recalled model.

​Locating Your Machine’s Model Number

Locating the model number of your Hotpoint washer dryer is a simple process that will allow you to find out if the model you are having is recalled or not. The model is located in one of two places; the recess of the dryer’s door or the back of the door. It is worth noting that when entering the model number on the manufacturer’s website, you need to exclude the spaces between the numbers.

​What Else You Should Know?

Hotpoint Washer Drier Recall – Everything You Need to Know

With the help of consumer watchdogs such as “WHICH?” around 113 faulty models of Hotpoint washer dryers were identified and information about them made available to the public.If you find out that you are in possession of a faulty model, you can contact Indesit on their toll-free customer care number which is 0800 151 0905.If, on the other hand, yours is safe, you are advised to continue using your washer dryer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.Also, during operation, or when your machine is on, avoid leaving it unattended because this increases the risk of a fire. The lint filter needs to be checked after every use to ensure that you keep an updated record. Finally, the original operating manual details the proper venting procedure. Make sure you adhere to this procedure to avoid any incidents during operation.


​The risk of fire highlighted in the identified models of Hotpoint washer dryers is a rare occurrence in homecare appliances. Nevertheless, one is required to always be on the lookout to avoid any unforeseen events. It is also a good idea to ensure that one observes the instructions of the manufacturer at all times. This way, both minor and major incidents are avoided with ease. Finally, ensure that you perform a regular maintenance exercise on your appliance because this is the only way you spot a fault before it escalates to unmanageable extents.