How much Does it Cost to Install an Electric Shower?

The cost of setting up an electric shower depends on whether the installation is new or a replacement of an old one. More often than not, installations are quite common for various reasons. For one, electric showers can breakdown more frequently than you can imagine. However, you can reduce the frequency or forget all about replacements for a long time by getting yourself the best electric shower that is durable. That way, you will only incur the one-off fee of initial installation. Let us do an estimate of the total cost you are going to incur to have that electric shower installed in your home. Before we go any further, let us familiarize with the common services that are entailed in the installation service.

Installation services

The following are the services that make up the installation of an electric shower:

  • Safety inspection
  • Plumbing
  • Installation of shower head and cubicles
  • Tiling works

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1. Safety Inspection

This is the examination that is done prior to the actual installation to ascertain the appropriateness of the various conditions in the bathroom. This service ensures that your bathroom area is within the recommended limits as far as safety is concerned. For instance, the expert will check to establish that the bathroom walls do not have electric cables and pipes running underneath the exact area where installation is to be done. It also ensures that all safety standards are met before the installation begins.

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2. Plumbing

Most of the work in the installation process involves plumbing works. This is where the installer connects the water pipes to the mains and the outlets to the pipes connecting to the outside. The plump work is a sensitive part of the installation process as it determines to a great extent the level of pressure that standard showerheads will have.

shower head

3. Installing the pump and the cubicles

The pump serves the purpose of increasing the pressure of water flowing through the shower head. It is always a good practice to install a pump because the natural pressure of water from the mains is bound to drop from time to time. In addition to the pump, the installer will also fix the cubicle in the bathroom. An expert in bathroom installations will handle this bit just fine because they are usually skilled in handling the glass materials used in the making of shower cubicles.


If the installation is new, then the chances are that your bathroom does not have tiles installed already. This work can be done by the electric shower installer. Even in the event that the tiles have already been done, the installer will still have to remove some part of the existing tiles to create room for the electric shower. It may require the installer to do the selection of tiling styles on your behalf and this may cost you extra. This is one of the reasons why new installations are usually more expensive than replacements in most of the cases.

The total cost of installation will incorporate all or some of the above services. For this reason, the actual cost of installing an electric shower is not fixed. Instead, it varies between £400 and £1000. The actual cost will depend on the number of services that your installation requires. The more the services, the higher the cost. Also, the design of the installation will influence the cost to a great extent. Sophisticated designs include those with unique tiles and rare cubicles with beautiful finishes. Also, replacement installations cost a lot less than the new ones.

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