How To Add A Bed Skirt Without Removing The Mattress

bed with bed skirt

Can you put on a bed skirt without battling the heavy mattress? Yes, you can! This is how you can accomplish this without any fuss.

The only way you can add a bed skirt without lifting the mattress off completely is to use a skirt without a platform. This type of bed skirts only often requires only a slight lift of the side of the mattress.

Who has the time to wrestle with a mattress? We show you how to put on a bed skirt without any effort. 

How To Put On A Bed Skirt And Not Lift The Mattress

A bed skirt adds that extra touch to a bed. It makes your resting place look classy and can even match the decor of the room. But when it comes to arranging a bed skirt, tucking it into position can happen in one of two ways. 

The first type of bed skirts has a platform. This basically refers to the middle part of the skirt and it covers the entire base of the bed frame. The bed skirt’s tell-tale frills or flaps are connected to the border around the platform. 

The second type of bed skirts has no platform. To connect the two sides, one must connect them through buttons, velcro or press studs. Due to the lack of a platform, they can easily be arranged around the mattress.

There is no real way around this. You must lift a mattress to add a bed skirt with a platform. You do not remove a mattress for frills without platforms. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Bed Skirt Without A Platform?

washed bedding bed skirt

Besides the mattress issue, people also prefer a platform-free bed skirt for several other reasons. 

  • It is easier to wash.
  • It is easier to iron.
  • A platform-less bed skirt tends to move around less.
  • Some are more affordable than skirts with a platform.

How Do I Put On A Bed Skirt?

That depends on the type of platform-less bed skirt you decide to use. Let’s look at the most commonly used ones and how to put them on the bed. 

A Bed Skirt With An Elastic Band

Bed skirts with elastic bands are hugely popular and it is not hard to see why. They are easy to handle and look great on any bed frame. 

Step 1: Choose the right size for your bed!

Step 2: Get a family member to help you, especially if the bed size is double or larger. 

Step 3: Arrange the bed skirt around the bed frame.

Step 4: Click into place. Your bed skirt might have press studs or buttons at the ends to secure the item.

Some bed skirts with elastic bands do not have loose ends. They are a bed-shaped piece of bedding that you can simply pull over the mattress and down. You’ll need an extra pair of hands for that too!

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A Bed Skirt With Velcro Patches

Whilst bed skirts with velcro patches are common, they are kind of falling out of favour due to the popularity and practicality of skirts with elastic bands. The older varieties only have velcro patches at the ends to secure the skirt. But perhaps due to the demand, you can also now find bed sheets that have elastic bands running through the entire skirt’s upper border and velcro straps. 

Great Home-Made Alternatives To Store-Bought Bed Skirts

crochet bed skirt

Sure. Sure. Making your own bed skirt is a lot of effort but this is one of those things that offer endless opportunities for those who love creating things with yarn, fabric, and other materials. The great thing is that there are countless patterns available online, so you do not even have to look far to find stunning designs for your project. 

One of the most labour-intensive and gorgeous options is crochet. You can choose a colour or colours to suit the decor of the room and after choosing a lovely design, off you go! Many of these online designs will also explain how to fit the sheet and how to add elastic bands to your finished product. 

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How Do I Care For My Bed Skirt?

Due to being so close to the floor and perhaps because your cat hides under your bed a lot, bed skirts tend to gather dirt. One of the things that make bed skirts so beautiful is that they look clean and crisp. Cannot imagine a dirty and stained border around your bed? Then follow the easy recommendations and steps to keep your bedroom looking great. 

Pro Tip: Keep an extra bed skirt. That way your bed will never be bare while you launder the other skirt. 

How To Wash Your Bed Skirt

Always check the care label that came with your bed skirt. The manufacturer’s directions need to be followed for the best results. But if yours somehow does not have a care label, not all is lost. It is recommended that you use cold water and a gentle cycle to wash a bed skirt. One might also want to avoid mixing a white skirt with other items that have colours, zippers, or hooks. All of these can discolour and damage your bed skirt.

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How To Dry Your Bed Skirt

Luckily, there is no special magic required to dry your bed skirt. Once the washing machine is done, hang the item out to dry on the washing line and let the wind and sun do their part. For the best results also, remember to take your time when ironing the bed skirt. A thoroughly ironed bed skirt is truly something that adds a touch of class to the bed. 

A Quick Summary On How To Add A Bed Skirt Without Removing The Mattress

  • A bed skirt is a lovely piece of decor that makes a bed appear more cared for and classy.
  • Bed skirts with a platform are often unpopular because the entire mattress must be removed from the frame before the skirt can be fitted. 
  • Bed skirts without a platform do not require the mattress to be taken off.
  • Platform-less skirts are mostly strung through with elastic bands to help with the appearance of the frills and to keep the fabric against the base of the bed. 
  • Velcro patches, buttons or press studs are the most common ways to secure bed skirts. 
  • Bed skirts also make great DIY projects for those who love crochet and other crafts. 
  • To look crisp and clean a bed skirt must be washed on a regular basis.
  • Bed skirts also need to be thoroughly ironed for the best results.