5 Ways How To Cook Chips In A Halogen Oven

Feel like some delicious chips? Pull closer that halogen oven and get ready to make some crispy delights!

Potato chips can be cooked using a halogen oven. The top 5 methods include cooking parboiled potatoes, using low to high temperature, using high temperature only, cooking frozen chips or the air fryer attachment.

As unusual as it might sound, a halogen oven is perfectly capable of cooking chips. You even get several methods to choose from! Let’s dive into those.

The Top 5 Ways To Make Chips With A Halogen Oven

Halogen ovens are widely known for producing healthy meals. They are also more energy-efficient when compared to more conventional ovens. Cooking with a halogen oven produces brown and crispy food – which is definitely something that is preferred by most people! You can bake, grill, roast steam, barbecue or remove water from food without necessarily preheating it. A meal prepared in a halogen oven is often a lot faster, safer and easier to make. But more to the point, many people also say that it makes chips taste better than those from a deep fryer.

Here are the top 5 methods for cooking chips in a halogen oven.

  1. Parboil the potatoes.
  2. Low to high temperature.
  3. Using high temperature only.
  4. Frozen chips.
  5. The Air fryer attachment method

The Parboiled Potatoe Technique

With this method, you have to start by slicing and parboiling the potatoes first before you cook them in a halogen oven. While doing so, be careful not to overdo the boiling part. It important that the potato slices stay in one piece. If they cook too much, they might become too brittle or mushy to make proper chips.

After boiling the slices, gently pat them dry with a paper towel to remove the excess water they would have acquired during the parboiling. Using your preferred oil, spray the dried potato slices and then place them inside the halogen oven. Following the instructions for that particular halogen oven, set the timer and temperature and wait.

chips in halogen oven

The Low To High Temperature Technique

In this method, there is no need to parboil the potatoes. With this technique, oil is used as the main medium of cooking.

First, cut the potatoes into small even slices. Then, using your preferred cooking oil, coat the slices evenly before placing them on the rack in the halogen oven. You are probably thinking that maybe the chips will not fully cook themselves on the inside. There is a way to avoid that unhappy situation. Dial the temperature to about roughly 148 degrees Celsius and allow the chips to cook. They are ready for the next step when they are soft.

The next step is to dial up the temperature. This time, aim for about 205 degrees Celsius. This time, allow the chips to cook until they turn golden brown. Just be warned that this process uses a lot of oil to do the cooking at a low temperature. This is the only downside of this particular method.

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How To Use The High Temperature Only Method

First, cut the potatoes into small pieces and then coat the chips with a small amount of oil. Place the slices in the halogen oven but make sure that you leave small spaces between them. Set the temperature to 205 degrees Celsius and allow the chips to cook for around 15 minutes. At the end of that time, the chips should have that lovely golden-brown crust.  Once they do, you will know that your meal is ready!

Good news. If the previous method sounds bad because it uses too much oil, then try this one. The “high temperature only” method needs just a small amount of oil while the high temperature also prevents the oil from soaking into the chips.

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How To Cook Frozen Chips Inside A Halogen Oven

A lot of us prefer the pre-cut chips from the store’s frozen section. Can you cook those in a halogen oven? Sure thing. Since they are pre-sliced, there is little preparation that you have to do. Simply place the frozen chips in the halogen oven. But don’t throw the packaging away just yet! You need to cook the chips according to the temperature and time indicated on the package.

The Air Fryer Attachment Method

Some halogen ovens are designed to work with different attachments to allow the appliance to be a versatile cooking tool. One such attachment is specially designed to cook chips. Some halogen ovens might be sold with this extra piece but more often than not, you have to purchase the air fryer on its own. But if you love healthy golden chips, it’s worth it! The cooking is similar to the first method in this article but with a bonus – the chips come out crispier.

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A Quick Summary On How To Cook Chips In A Halogen Oven

  • A halogen oven can make healthy and crispy meals, including chips.
  • It is a good alternative to deep fryers which often leave chips tasting too oily and with no crispiness.
  • There are at least 5 ways to make chips in a halogen oven.
  • There is the parboiling method, using a slow increase in temperature or only high temperature, cooking frozen chips, and using an air fryer attachment.
  • The only method with a drawback is the slow increase in temperature. It requires a lot of oil to cook the chips.