How To Eat Weetabix

This is one of those articles that I never imagined myself writing, but here we are! This question has raised a bit of controversy, even making it into the news. Now, those of us at DreamyHome want to clarify one thing up front – eat things however you want. Nobody gets to tell you what to do with your food, so if you want to eat Weetabix by blending them with some milk and whey powder, I won’t stop you. Though… maybe you shouldn’t do that, it just doesn’t seem right, you know?

The correct way to eat Weetabix is however you wish.

Let’s see what the internet had to say, shall we? This will be fun. I can’t see it going wrong in any way, can you?

How to Eat Weetabix, According to the Internet

This question actually made the rounds on Reddit for a bit, so let’s look there first. It is, after all, the “front page of the internet,” so it should have some good advice, right?

The original poster said the following:

“Yesterday I bought a package of Weetabix from my local supermarket’s British food section (it’s mostly various types of beans, tea, wine gums, orange marmelade, and ‘Make Your Own Fish & Chips’ sets), just to see what it is. But there are no instructions on the box on how to prepare them. The photos on the back of the box seems to suggest decorating them with fruit and eating them dry, but then they just taste like cardboard with an apple on top, and the photo on the front suggests throwing them in milk, but then they just taste like soggy cardboard. Do you eat them dry or in milk? I’m assuming it’s in milk, since nobody is probably gonna want what feels like a mouth full of sawdust. Do you use warm milk or cold milk? Do you put anything else in the milk to make it taste better?…”

Reddit user u/ChuckCarmichael

Now, the answers were… varied, to say the least. Some recommended the obvious route – pour milk over one, eat, repeat until full. Others suggested adding sugar or honey, while others said to just power through the dry bar. The most common advice was to add sweeteners and submerge them in milk, similar to cereal.

More Reddit Answers

“With milk and add fruit or sugar if you want. I like a sliced banana or a handful of raisins.”

Reddit user Zounds90

Though it’s clear that this is, ultimately, up to opinion as one commenter made very clear with their surprisingly frustrated-sounding comment.

“Put them in a bowl, cover them almost completely with milk. Eat.

None of this fruit or sugar nonsense.”

Reddit user aoide12

The Origin of the Controversy

For those who are curious, the writers at the Daily Mail caught an Australian mother’s downright crazy comment section after she asked how one should eat Weetabix.

Most comments tied into the same basic idea – cover in sugar and milk (maybe some honey and fruit as well) and eat as fast as possible before it becomes mush. One comment even mentioned using hot water to eat Weetabix. I don’t care who you are or what your tastes are like – there’s no way that’s enjoyable, so please don’t do that, if anything.

How to Eat Weetabix, According to the Makers

The odd thing is that even Weetabix seems confused as to what, exactly, their product is. Some of the recipes on their site have rather varied suggestions. One includes combining the dry bar with some figs, cream, and berries. Others include pancake recipes, breaded chicken, or even variants with custard!

One thing is for sure, though – not a single recipe involves eating them with milk (let alone hot water). It seems as though Weetabix is more of a component to a whole meal, rather than being intended as the meal itself. No matter how you eat your Weetabix, please, for the love of God – don’t just chow down on a brick of the stuff. And let’s just say that using hot water is certifiably wrong.

Final Thoughts

This is a bit of a subjective article that has me already feeling the furious comments from readers. “How could you advocate eating Weetabix with milk and honey,” will be one, while an equal number of others will say, “how could you advocate not eating them with milk and honey!?” In all honesty – it doesn’t matter how you eat them. It’s food – eat it how you like.

If you want a sweeter meal, pair it with milk, sugar/honey, and some fruit. If you’re a “black coffee” kind of man, then I guess just… eat it plain? Or get creative, as the makers seem to have intended, and use it as a component in your meal. Just, whatever you do – do not use hot water. I will find you, and we will have words if you think that’s okay.