How to Fix a Thermos Flask

​Having a thermos flask saves you a lot in terms of time and energy. You can have your beverage kept hot for a relatively long time to have it at a later time. This, in turn, saves you the time used to prepare another one and because the temperatures inside the flask are kept constant, you save on energy. Cold seasons require us to keep warm and by having a hot beverage, not much heat is lost to the surrounding. In as much as we depend on these thermos flasks to keep our drinks or food hot or cold, there is always a problem that arises to alter the process. You might realize that the thermos flask is producing an unpleasant smell when you pour out the contents or even the contents may be losing heat, which is not supposed to be the case. All these are problems caused by either of the following.


When a thermos flask is left unclean for some time or it is shallowly cleaned, there is a tendency of dirt building up in the interior of the thermos flask. The smell grows so deep that when you put in your beverage, for instance, it contains an unpleasant smell upon drinking. Automatically, you’ll start thinking that your thermos flask has lost its ‘cool’. Problem is that the built up dirt tends to come out when it comes into contact with hot fluids. When it comes out, it mixes with the liquid which explains the ‘going bad’ smell. All you are required to do before you get rid of the flask is to deep clean it. This way you will have little to no complaints about the smell produced over time that the thermos flask hasn’t been cleaned. You will use your thermos flask for a long time with great service if you do this. There, the smelling problem is fixed.

How to Fix a Thermos Flask

​How You Clean

​When cleaning the thermos flask, there are a number of things that are to be avoided completely. Knowing that this is a delicate object, using metallic objects on it may cause it to break therefore letting in or out air. Some people may use super glue to fix the small cracks but you and I know that it is not a healthy solution. You should always clean the thermos flask with extra care and in case you have opened it up, you should make sure to tightly assemble the parts back together as they were.

​Flask Material

​When you purchase a cheaper thermos flask, you shouldn’t expect long lasting service from the flask. It will come a time (sooner than expected) when the flask suddenly stops working and by working I mean, letting the fluids or food put in get cold. The quality of the material used in the construction of the thermos flask matters a lot in heat transfer. Poor quality materials will let in air and allow the three heat transfer ways (conduction radiation and convection) into the contents of the flask depending on the weather. It will take only a few minutes to get your drink cold because of these happenings. To fix this problem, you are recommended to get ones that are averagely priced or the high-end thermos flasks. Failure to which you will keep spending more money trying to fix the faulty thermos flask when you’d rather dig deeper into your pockets to get one great flask. Recreating a vacuum in this situation is a bad idea. There is no shortcut to this one.


​Although there are no clear ways on fixing a thermos flask, you can always handle the manageable problems. When the three ways of heat transfer are let in, it gets difficult to fix the problem at home. You just throw it away and buy a new one. You should always look for the thing that alters the working of your thermos flask to fix it where possible before rendering it useless. In the market today, you find all sorts of thermos flasks. It is always good to look for the best that suits your needs and that one with a warranty (you know, just in case you get home and it doesn’t work). This way you will be able to ship it back to the manufacturer for a refund or replacement.