How To Hide A Home Safe?

People are using home safes more than ever before and this can be attributed to the convenience that is associated with having one at home. However, given the rise in the number of break-ins in most of the homes in the recent past, it is becoming more and more important to have a clever way of hiding the safe. Hiding your safe in an unreachable location will go a long way in enhancing the safety of the valuables that you keep inside it. That is why we find it increasingly necessary to share with you this information. Read on and find out more on the four most reasonable methods of hiding the safe.

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Four Reasonable Methods

The following ideas will help you hide your safe at home:

  • Wall-mounting
  • Hiding under the floor
  • Camouflaging
  • Disguising

Now, let us look at each of these ideas for hiding the safe at home.


Wall-mounting the safe may sound so cliché but it’s actually a good idea when you think of it. However, the installation can be easy or difficult depending on the size of the safe. Mostly, the installation of a wall-mounted safe is only easy if the size of the safe is small. As for the medium and large safes, this process can be quite hard since the safe will be conspicuous enough for everyone to see. If you intend to have a large-sized safe, it is recommended to have it wall-mounted at the time when the construction of the building is ongoing. It is easier to conceal a wall-mounted safe because there are lots of options that you can consider. For instance, you can place a wall clock, a bookshelf or a painting over the wall.

Under the floor

This is yet another hiding idea that may seem like a cliché for most people. Depending on the size of the safe, this method can be quite easier. Again, just like the wall-mounting option, hiding the safe under the floor will be determined by its size. Small safes are easier to install than large ones. If you want to keep a large safe under the floor, make sure you make this arrangement with the engineer in charge of your construction to make room for this provision. Once the safe is hidden under the floor, you can cover it with a wooden floor or a tile. If you anticipate to be accessing the safe every time, you can cover it with a carpet.

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Camouflaging and disguising

Camouflaging is a nice idea to hide your safe at home but burglars are quite smart and it doesn’t take them much time to figure out the location. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use this idea. If your safe is the small one, you can camouflage it easily in the closet or behind the dryer or washing machine. Others are small enough to fit in the bedframe. For the large ones, you can make use of the garage, the furnace or the area where you keep your large boxes. If you prefer the disguising method, then you need to purchase a safe that is designed like other items in the house. For example, you can buy a small safe that resembles a pile of books. This way, you can easily keep it in the bookshelf and the books will disguise it. Some other safes look like water bottles, which makes it easy for you to store them in the least suspecting location in the kitchen.

Whatever the method you choose, remember that the idea of hiding the safe is to make it as inaccessible as possible for the unauthorized persons. So, even when you put it away in the cleverest hiding spot or idea, make sure that other security measures have been upheld appropriately.