How to Install a Rotary Washing Line?

A rotary washing line is an apparatus radiating spokes that support the lines which we put clothes to dry up. This is one of the most cost effective ways of drying your clothes in the garden because unlike alternative cloth lines, you can easily add more lines to it to fit your clothes. In this article, we are going to show you how you can install a rotary washing line in your garden. The following are the steps you need to follow in setting a rotary washing line up.

First, you need to choose the location where you want to erect it behind the garden. The place should be less busy. It shouldn’t be a place where people sit or children’s play area. This will interfere with the drying process of the clothes. Also, the area should be accessible even when it’s muddy in the garden.

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Things needed

  • Spade
  • Crowbar
  • post mix concrete
  • water in a watering can
  • spirit level
  • gloves and goggles

Step one:

Remove the grass and the part of soil beneath it held by the roots or another piece of thin material. By doing this you are ensuring that the rotary line will have a secure foundation and stay upright. You can do this by cutting the sod with a spade and just leave it there you might need it in hiding the solidified concrete mix on the ground when you are done. Then loosen the ground with a crowbar to make it easier for you to work on it.

Step two:

Dig a hole to the required depth. Make sure the sides of the hole are not tampered with or weakened to avoid them falling in after you are done setting the rotary line. The bag of post mix concrete comes with dimensions required in digging the hole on the side of the bag since it is a quick-setting post fixing compound. Dig using a spade.

Step three:

Fill the hole with the post mix concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions whilst holding the receiver tube in place with the other hand.

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Step four:

Using a watering can, add water to the dry concrete mix to make it soft so that the spike can be adjusted using the spirit level. Why is this important? Well, no one wants to see their cloth lines not hanging upright in their place. So leveling the spike up is important.

Step five:

Replace the turf that you had dug out in the first step. Then wait for the concrete to dry up. Most post mix concrete are quick to harden let’s say 10 minutes utmost. Keep checking if the ground spike is absolutely leveled during the drying time and make the required adjustments if any. Check any raised edges and adjust that too.


After some time when you are sure that the concrete is completely hard, put up the rotary washing line. When these steps are followed to the latter, you will achieve good results and the rotary wash lines are up and ready for use.