How to Make a Latte With a Cafetière?

A cafetière is a device used to brew delicious coffee fast and easy and at a low cost. The cafetière, also known as the French press, was invented in the late 19th century Paolini Ugo. Coffee is a beverage used worldwide to refresh and sober up many people. And also, it has several benefits to anyone taking it on a daily basis and that is why, it is the most preferred beverage by most people all around the globe. While it is thought that the best coffee you can ever get is the one made in an espresso machine, the cafetière equally makes good coffee at the comfort of your home. In this article, we are going to discuss how to make a latte using a cafetière machine.

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What is a latte?

It is important to know just what exactly a latte is so that it becomes easy to make it. Latte is an Italian word which translates to coffee with milk. Therefore, a latte is coffee that contains milk with a dollop of milk foam on the top side of the coffee.

Making a latte with cafetière

Lattes are known to come out best when using the espresso machine during the brewing process. The good news is, if you don’t have the coffee making machine, you can still enjoy your latte made using a cafetière at the comfort of your home. As long as you have steamed milk, froth milk and an espresso already, you are ready to make your latte.

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  • Ground coffee
  • water
  • Cold milk
  • Cafetière machine that can be microwaved
  • A microwave

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  • First you need to have your coffee beans ground to start making the espresso.
  • Pour clean boiling water directly on the ground coffee and wait for 30 seconds as the coffee brews.
  • Pour out the contents completely into a different jar.
  • Put one third of milk in the cafetière beaker.
  • Make bubbles with the milk until the volume doubles up in the beaker. This is done by pumping the plunger for twenty seconds continuously.
  • Remove the lid and plunger from the cafetière so that it can be safe to place it in the microwave (the lid and the plunger are made of metal). Also, look out for any remaining metal or plastic on the glass beaker and remove it.
  • Place the cafetière beaker in the microwave and press the start button. Wait until the foam rises up to the top of the beaker and remove it immediately. Microwaving the milk will only take about 40 seconds utmost. If it goes further than 40 seconds, chances are the foam will spill over leaving you with a mess to deal with.
  • Remove the beaker from the microwave and pour the contents over an espresso.
  • The frothed milk should pour smoothly and become easy to blend with the espresso cream. The end results should contain 60ml shot of espresso with 300ml steamed milk and 2ml foamed milk.
  •  At this time, the latte should have a creamy brown base with a thin froth at the top.

Making coffee with a cafetière machine brings out the best coffee ever. It is much easier to make a latte using a cafetière when you follow the steps discussed above. You will be able to get the best kind of latte fast and easy. Although there are different techniques to making great latte, using a cafetière is, without a doubt, one of the simplest ways to achieve best tasting latte there is. The only downside to this coffee making technique is that the coffee is limited to 2 cups utmost.