How To Measure Your Ironing Board For A Perfect New Cover

A badly-fitting cover makes ironing very difficult! Our guide has all the steps to help you get the right cover the first time!

An ironing board must be measured for width, length, and sometimes depth, to get a new cover. For the best fit, the board’s nose must also be considered. The shape of the nose will influence the tightness of the cover.

How to measure for an ironing board cover does not have to be stressful. But picking the wrong cover is a waste of money and time. Learn more about how to find the right cover the first time.

Why It’s Important To Measure Ironing Boards For A New Cover

A cover that fits well makes ironing easier, period. But as an extra bonus or two, a cover also lengthens the lifespan of your ironing board and makes it beautiful. A quality cover also prevents a board from picking up nasty and unsightly burns! Those that are loose tend to shift or scrunch up and nobody can iron like that without wasting a ton of time and patience.

A cover needs to be changed when it’s very old. Sometimes, when a new ironing board is purchased, it arrives with a badly-fitting cover that just does not work. Whatever your reason for needing a fresh start, let’s look at the basic things you need to consider to get a replacement you will be happy with.

  1. Requirements for measuring your ironing board.
  2. How to remove the old cover.
  3. How to measure the width correctly.
  4. How to measure the length correctly.
  5. Understanding nose shape.
  6. Buying the new cover.

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What Do I Need Before I Start This Project?

  • ​A ruler or measuring tape.
  • A good pair of scissors.
  • A notebook and pen.

How To Remove The Old Cover (And Why)

Before you start measuring, it is essential to remove the old cover. Even the thinnest cover can interfere with correct measurements.

The good news is that removing the old item is not that hard. Most covers are the slip-on type that is kept in place with elastic bands. These can be pulled off within seconds. But if your cover is kept in place with ties, first try to untie them so you can take the measurements. Should the knots prove to be too tight, use the scissors to cut the knots.

How to Measure Ironing Boards for Your New Ironing Board Cover

How To Measure The Width Correctly

Using a measuring tape or ruler, take the width measurement of the ironing board at its widest point. A common mistake some people make is to wrap the tape around the board but this will give an incorrect reading. The best way is just to find the widest point topside. Once you have the measurement, write the results down in your notebook.

How To Measure The Length Correctly

​To get the length of the ironing board, you will do better with a measuring tape. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from using a ruler; it will just take a little bit more effort. Either way, the length of the ironing board is considered the area between the nose to the tail. The iron rest plate at the back is not included in the measuring (because it won’t be covered). Write down the length in the notebook.

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What Does Nose Shape Have To Do With Anything?

After taking the main measurements, it is essential to determine the nose shape of the ironing board. Covers are shaped differently to accommodate the various nose designs of ironing boards. Some are rounded, tapered or blunt.

How to Measure Ironing Boards for Your New Ironing Board Cover

How To Purchase The Iron Board Cover

Finding a cover should not be too hard. The chances are that there will be plenty of covers that fit the dimensions of your ironing board. Most ironing boards are made in standard sizes and this helps a lot. Take your time to find something that not only matches the dimensions and nose shape of your ironing board but also something that makes it beautiful. An iron board cover is one of those items that last for years – so don’t pick something you hate!

Apart from designs, one must consider materials. You might want to get one that has a heavy felt lining and not foam. A felt lining maintains the shape and lifespan of a cover for longer.

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A Quick Summary On How To Measure A Cover For An Ironing Board

  • Ironing board covers last for many years but there comes a point that they must be replaced.
  • Covers also need to be replaced if it’s new but fits the board badly.
  • Ironing with an old or badly fitted cover makes ironing more difficult and raise the risk of burning clothes, the cover, and the ironing board itself.
  • Most covers come in standard sizes but it’s a good idea to measure your ironing board before you rush out to buy a new one.
  • Remove the old cover from the board to get the most accurate measuring results.
  • The most important things to keep in mind is the width, length, and nose shape of your ironing board.
  • Choose a new cover that has a design you will love – you are going to iron on that thing for a long time!
  • Choose an iron board cover made from long-lasting materials. Avoid the ones with too much foam liner as these tend to warp and break sooner.

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