How To Open A Digital Home Safe?

Safes have been with us since the 13th century as a place where we place our valuables and lock them for safe keeping. As time went by, civilization caught up with the safe-keeping devices and now we have modern safes that are either digital or mechanical. A digital safe, also known as electronic safe lock is the one that uses combination codes to lock and unlock it. With it, all you have to do is memorize the combinations to use whenever you need something from the safe. The good with an electric safe is that you can always change the combinations at will. People who own these safes do so on a regular basis to increase security on their valuables. Let us go through the ways to follow in case you forget the combinations on your digital safe at home.

First step: Turn the dial anticlockwise

On most digital safes, there is always a dial that is to be turned clockwise when opening it. This time around, turn the dial anticlockwise. By doing this, the magnetic pin locking the bolt that slides is free to move.

Second step: Hit or smack the safe

This may seem like the dumbest way to open the safe but it surely works, most of the time. First, you start by hitting gently the safe using your hand or rubber mallet. Alternatively, you can drop it on the flat floor to let it bounce. The bouncing technique will move the magnetic pin lock and will make the opening process fast and easy (if at all it hasn’t opened by now).

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Third step: Turn the dial clockwise

By now, a turn on the dial in the correct direction will slide down the pin to move the sliding bolt and the dial will turn all around to open the safe.

The above steps will help in cracking the safe open if you follow them keenly. In case the safe doesn’t open, don’t panic, repeat the process, this time using a different bouncing technique. There are alternative ways of opening the digital safe at home which are also very useful. These include using magnets and hammer and chisel method.


This method requires the use of very strong magnets known as neodymium. Neodymium magnets are very powerful such that they can damage any electronic device around it, hard drives, computers and even phones when they are placed near them. For this reason, you are required to place the magnet in a sock and attach it to the safe. Move the magnet in circular motion around the locking mechanism until the safe pops open. You will not hear any noise produced in this method.

Using hammer and chisel

This is probably the last step you will want to try to open the safe when all others fail or seem impossible. Takes the chisel with a flat tip and place it at the top corner of the keypad section. Using a hammer, knock out the panel to reveal a couple of screws and knobs at the center. Teke the chisel and dislodge the knob and on the lower side, you will see a button. Using your finger, press the button and the safe will open instantly.

Opening of safes without the combination codes requires time, patience and effort. Instead of calling a locksmith to do the opening for you, you can do it yourself applying the above discussed tricks. You will have the satisfaction of finding your valuables all by yourself, safe and secure. It is unfortunate that some of these tricks are applied by the bad guys who take things that don’t belong to them. The good thing is that, cracking a safe requires one to put in time. This way, the thieves can be caught in the act and dealt with.

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