How to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget?

Decorating and redesigning the bathroom is a big part of any home renovation project.

It’s probably because it’s one of the rooms that can help raise the value of your home. Bathroom renovations aren’t always cheap.

It can set you back up to £20,000 to overhaul your bathroom.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend so much money to make this room feel/look new.

Here are some tips you can use to do a bathroom renovation on a budget.

How to Renovate Cheaply?

Do Your Own Demolitions

One way you can reduce the renovation cost is by doing part of or all off the demo by yourself. In order to install the new fixtures/tiles, the old ones need to be removed. Hiring an expert can set you back a couple of thousand dollars. Why not do it yourself? Sure, it’s not going to be free. You’re going to need some tools like a sledge hammer and a large crowbar. You´ll also need to do some planning to understand the layout of the room. This will help you avoid hitting pipes and electrical components, which can set you back even more once ruined.

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Get Creative Lighting

We’re sure that you’re aware of the importance of lighting for any room. Proper lighting can transform the ambience and feel of any room.

This can be applied to your bathroom as well.

Spend less on renovation by not changing your electrical system.

You can instead choose to use candles/standing lamps or both to give your room a new feel.

These things provide subtle lighting that can make the bathroom look more interesting.

Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Purchase Used Fixtures

Why buy new when there are perfectly good used items in the market? You can save some money by looking at your local recycling center.

Used bathroom fixtures and items cost a lot less than their use counterparts. By looking at resources like Diggers list or even Craigslist, you can find tubs, faucets and other fixtures for good prices. We have also listed cheap bathroom extractor fans which will help with the renovation.

Caulk and Grout Could Use Some Refreshing

Overtime the caulk and grout either wear out or lose their shine. This makes the bathroom look older or less shiny than it used to be. One option to consider is to redo the caulk around the tub and sink and grout between the tiles. Doing this can make a huge difference.

Think Efficient With Your Fixtures

What we mean here is you should consider going green as you upgrade your bathroom. Go for the modern toilets, shower heads and sinks as they are built to conserve water. These fixtures can help conserve water and save you money in the long run. Plus, modern bathroom fixtures (shower heads and faucets) tend to be the same price, at times even less than their traditional counterparts.

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Paint Can Do Wonders

Painting can be the best thing that you’ve done in your bathroom for a while. Grabbing a paint container can provide a sort of facelift effect to the room.

On top of that, it can help lower the costs by reducing the amount of tiles you use. You could choose to tile the floors and paint the walls.

Painting is not going to be easy as you need to make sure that all fixtures and furniture are sealed off. Be patient as it might take some time.

Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Accent Pieces for a Better Look

It’s the little things that make the difference. Add little items here and there to bring new life to your bathroom. A bathroom friendly rug, flower pots or even a new toilet seat can make the room feel new. The good news is these accent pieces tend to be inexpensive and can add some personality to the room.

Repurpose Old Furniture

Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget

The common trend for bathroom renovations is to get granite countertops.

They are beautiful and can make quite the difference in any bathroom.

The only problem is that these countertops are expensive.

A good replacement would be old furniture. For instance, you could use old dressers or tables as sink pedestals.

Some adjustments will need to be done to make it work, but it will be way cheaper than buying new countertops.


A quick tip: if you’re set on buying granite countertops, then go for those with some imperfections. The bigger and more observable the imperfection on the slab, the cheaper it will be. Bonus point if this imperfection is on the spot where the sink basin will be. The sink basin will block you from seeing the imperfection.