How to Reset a Microchip Cat Flap?

There comes a time when you will need to reset the microchip cat flap. For instance, you could accidentally programme the microchip cat flap for a neighbor’s pet or you get mixed up with the different modes to the point that you cannot recall the last known state of the pet door. Advanced microchip cat flaps can store data for up to 32 microchipped pets. Once you reset the microchip cat flap, you will have to scan every pet afresh so that it can store them in its memory again. This article shows you how you can reset a microchip cat flap. The process involves two main stages, which are: performing a memory wipe and a factory reset procedure.

Memory Wipe

This is where you remove all the data in the cat flap’s memory. The data stored in the memory usually included the ID codes of the pets you have programmed as well as the different timer settings. If your microchip cat flap has the capacity to store ID codes for up to 32 pets and for some reason you exceed this maximum, you may need to perform a memory wipe. This is because you will not be able to tell which pet’s ID code is missing in the microchip cat flap. What happens when the capacity is exceeded is that the older pet ID codes are replaced with the new ones. A memory wipe allows you to start over.

Here’s how to go about performing a memory wipe: First, press and the memory wipe button for 10 seconds. You will know the memory wipe has been completed if you see the locks opening and closing once.

Factory reset

This is the next step that comes after you have successfully wiped the memory in the microchip cat flap. Even though the memory wipe is said to reset the custom modes that you may have selected in the microchip cat flap, it is always to finalize the process with a factory reset. This is meant to restore the unit to its last known state. And just so you know, this is a very unlikely circumstance. Once you have completed the memory wipe, remove the batteries from the unit and let them stay out for a couple of minutes. This way, you can be sure that the system in the microchip cat flap has been completely reset. Now, reassemble the unit back together and programme it afresh. Remember, the primary reason you reset it was so that you could do it afresh.


Resetting a microchip cat flap should not be done every other time. Like I said, forgetting the last known state of the unit only happens on rare occasions. Again, every time you reset the cat flap, you need to start it off from the learner mode, so that it can learn and store the pet ID codes afresh. Operating the microchip cat flap with care and keenness can help you keep track of all the settings and therefore eliminate the need for you to reset it.