How To Reset Salter Bathroom Scales At Home

Is your weight results all over the place? It might be time to reset the scales. Here’s how.

Resetting a Salter bathroom scale is simple. You can do a weight test with dumbbells or most Salter scales will calibrate automatically after you choose the weight unit and step on it for the first time.

Track your weight the best way you can. Resetting your Salter scales is easier than you think!

How To Reset A Salter Scale

These days, people tend to watch their weight closely for health and weight-loss reasons. This is where bathroom scales come in. They offer quick and easy access to check your weight whenever needed.

​Having used a bathroom scale for a long time may cause it to give inaccurate results. When the battery conks out, a bathroom scale often tends to work less efficiently as well. Unfortunately, as the owner of a scale, you will experience a time when the appliance needs to be reset.

When you notice that your bathroom scale is acting up, perhaps it’s time to reset the whole device so that you get accurate results again.

​Setting A Salter Bathroom Scale

  • ​First, you need to open the battery compartment on the scale. This compartment is placed on the underside of the device.
  • Once you have located it, remove the tab beneath the battery that separates the unit from the battery.
  • Having done that, you should carefully close the battery compartment.
  •  Using the switch located on the underside of the scale, select kg, st, lb weight mode.
  • Once you have selected the weight mode to use, place the scale on a firm flat surface.

​Resetting the Salter Bathroom Scale By Changing The Battery

​Resetting the salter scale after changing the battery helps in providing accurate results. First, you pull out the battery from the salter machine (when doing so, be careful to avoid damaging adjacent parts). Once you have the battery out, wait for 1 minute before putting it back inside the unit. Then, activate the scale by pushing the On button. Push it once more after the scale turns on. Automatically, the scale will read zero and immediately turn off. After doing this, the scale will reset to carry on with its normal functions.

Test By ​Using The Salter Bathroom Scale

​By tapping the platform centre, the scale is automatically activated. Wait until the scale calibrates to zero before stepping on it. When you step on the scale, it will display your weight. You can also take a dumbbell, say 5 kg, and place it on the scales to see if the device shows “5 kg.” Once you step off the scale or remove the weight, the scale switches off automatically.

If you decide to test the scale with a dumbbell, take some precautions. When someone drops a dumbbell, the damage can range from the floor being damaged, it might break the scale but even worse, you could injure yourself, a child, or a pet that happens to be nearby. Perhaps a safer choice is a bag of rice. That will work the same but without the dangers of a dumbbell.

Correct Handling Also Gives Better Readings

When using a Salter bathroom scale, you have to be careful in how you handle it. Once you step on the scales, to avoid unstable weight readings it is essential to stand still. The scale is sensitive enough to detect other movements and will change the weight accordingly. You know that annoying display that keeps moving and never settling on one number!

Secondly, it is also very important to note of the maximum weight capacity so that you do not exceed the required weight. Exceeding the scale’s maximum capacity will cause it to give inaccurate readings and in the worst-case scenario, it might also damage the appliance.

Thirdly, replace the battery. A Salter bathroom scale is very prone to inaccurate readings when the battery is no longer working at its best. The good news is that you simply need to remove the old battery and replace it with a fresh one and the scales should be working as good as new.

I Tried Everything And Nothing Works

When your scale is still throwing numbers all over the place, check the user manual that came in the box when you bought the item. There should be a section that explains how to properly reset your Salter bathroom scales. There might also be contact details to the manufacturer’s customer support which is worth checking out. Another option is to have a professional repair company service the bathroom scales.

A Quick Summary On How To Reset A Salter Bathroom Scale

  • Bathroom scales are great tools in your weight loss journey.
  • A common complaint is that bathroom scales no longer give accurate readings.
  • You can reset your bathroom scale at home or have it serviced by an expert.
  • Salter bathroom scales are available in both mechanical and digital designs and you must choose the one that works best for you.
  • Good care will make a bathroom scale give accurate readings for years.
  • Avoid exceeding the maximum limit that the scale can take.
  • Regular battery changes will also let the scale work accurately.
  • It’s a good idea to stand still while measuring your weight. Moving will give an inaccurate reading and make it seem like there is something wrong with the scale.