How to Stop Bread Sticking to a Sandwich Toaster

Toasted sarmies are heavenly. But when bread sticks to the toaster, nobody loves the mess. Learn how to avoid this meal-prep disaster.

Two things prevent the bread from sticking to a sandwich toaster. The inside of the toaster must be lubricated with oil or butter. Secondly, the appliance must also be cleaned properly before and after making a toastie.

Nothing ruins a toasted sandwich more than half of the bread pulling away because it got stuck to the toaster. Here’s how you can make the perfect non-stick toastie!

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Why Bread Sticks And How To Prevent It From Happening Again

Owning a sandwich toaster has many advantages. You can quickly fix yourself a snack anytime you want and kids love these toasties! You can even make really healthy meals.

But nearly everyone with a sandwich toaster has a story to tell. You know, about the time when the bread stuck and ruined the look of the snack and made cleaning the toaster a lot more difficult. But there is no reason why those sticky hot plates should deter you from making your favourite toasted sandwich. All it takes is knowing why toasties stick and how to prevent them from doing so in the future.

Below you can find the top two reasons why bread sticks to a sandwich toaster.

  1. The bread and toaster were not lubricated enough.
  2. The toaster was not properly cleaned.

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Check Your User Manual First

The first thing is to read the user manual that came with your sandwich toaster. A good manufacturer will always include safety tips, cleaning tips, and how to make a sandwich without a mess. However, if you never received a manual or there is nothing about preventing the bread from sticking to the toaster, then dealing with the two main problems we mentioned will solve the problem.

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The Bread And Toaster Must Be Well Lubricated

This could be the biggest culprit of the two. Many people who use this appliance for the first time forget or do not realize that the hot plates must be lubricated. The bread must also have some kind of oil or butter on the outside (and on both sides) to prevent a sticking disaster. But let’s cover the simple steps to avoid it from happening.

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Do I Need To Pre-Treat The Toaster?

If you have never used this particular appliance, season the plates before using the toaster for the first time. You can apply a light coat of olive oil or sunflower oil. This gives the plates a nonstick coating. Season it regularly to maintain the nonstick coating layer. This activity takes about 15-30 minutes to achieve the right plate seasoning.

How To Lubricate The Toaster When You Want To Use It

  1. Wipe the inside of the sandwich toaster with a dry and clean cloth or paper towel. This is just to get rid of dust and dirt particles that might be hiding there.
  2. Brush the plates with cooking oil before switching them on. You can also spray a little sunflower oil all around the plates when they heat up.
  3. Prepare your sandwich and add all your favourite fillings.
  4. Brush a small amount of olive oil or butter on both sides of the bread.
  5. Close the sandwich maker and warm up that toastie!

Please note that this method a high fat sandwich. Also, ensure that you use the right spreads for your bread. For example, low-fat butter spreads have high water retention and that is bad. They routinely cause the bread to stick to the plates of a  sandwich toaster. But if you want to avoid adding too much fat, replace the butter with more olive oil.

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Bacon and Cheese Toastie

Keep The Sandwich Toaster As Clean As Possible

While being the lesser of two evils, a wayward speck of old sandwiches or dirt can make bread stick to the toaster. So, how well you clean your sandwich toaster will definitely influence how your sandwiches turn out!

The best way to clean the sandwich toaster is by using a soft moist kitchen towel. Wipe the toaster as soon as it is safe to do so (avoid burning yourself). Use a gentle wiping motion to remove the debris of the sandwiches you just made. Never use a fork or spoon to remove hard pieces as this could damage the non-stick coating. Also, avoid detergents as they tend to remove the oily coating that prevents the sandwich from sticking. That being said, do not leave so much oil on the toaster that it turns rancid.

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A Quick Summary On How To Stop Bread From Sticking To A Sandwich Maker

  • Sandwich toasters are very popular because they make delicious hot snacks and meals.
  • One of the most common problems that owners experience with their toasters is that the bread tends to stick to the hot plates.
  • Most toasters come with a user manual that should have some tips to avoid this problem.
  • The biggest reason why bread sticks include too little lubrication on the bread and the inside of the toaster.
  • Another reason why bread gets stuck to the plates is that the toaster is not clean enough. Debris that stay behind from a previous toastie can make a new sandwich burn or stick to the inside of the toaster.
  • A toaster must be cleaned as soon as possible after use. The food particles will still be soft and easy to remove.

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