How To Store A Mattress In A Garage Like A Pro

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Garage storage can get messy. Learn how to keep your mattress in the garage for a long time without any problems!

Storing a mattress in a garage requires a clean bed to be covered with protective wrapping, stored in the right position away from moisture, and regular checks to make sure that the mattress is still fine.

A garage tends to be dirty. However, you can store a mattress there for years. Just follow a few simple guidelines!

How To Store A Bed Inside The Garage

A garage is a good place to store a mattress. At first, it might seem inappropriate but one can deal with the small problems that might threaten a bed in the garage – which is what this article is all about. 

The benefits of using your own garage include having a location where you can store the large mattress, completely out of the way, and it’s for free! Why store a mattress at a storage facility that charges by the day or month? You can keep your mattress at home, out of the way, without paying a cent.

Here are the basic things to look at when storing your bed in the garage.

  • Clean the mattress before storage.
  • Wrap the bed with protective material.
  • Store the mattress in a safe position.
  • Avoid moisture.
  • Regular checks.

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Clean The Mattress Before Storing It

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Sounds like a schlep, we get it. But here is the reason why a mattress must be thoroughly cleaned before going into long-term storage. If the mattress has any odours, bed bugs or moisture, then the problem will grow during storage and possibly cause more damage. In the case of moisture, it can totally destroy the mattress. 

When cleaning the mattress, focus on getting rid of stains, odours, bugs, and properly drying the bed. Each one is worth looking into more thoroughly than what can be provided in one article. But for your convenience, we covered them in separate articles that will help you to clean the mattress to perfection.

How To Wrap The Mattress With Protective Material

After the mattress is washed and dried, the time has come to wrap it better than a Christmas gift. Alright, you don’t need 60 rolls of gift paper (thank goodness). The idea is to offer your mattress long-term protection that can weather time, bumps, and sneaky moisture. 

The best material to protect your mattress is large and thick plastic sheets. These can be obtained from hardware stores or purchased online. Don’t be shy when it comes to using the plastic sheets. One layer is not enough. Two is good but three is better. That way, if anything manages to breach the outermost plastic, there will still be a couple of layers underneath working to protect the bed. 

Pro tips: You can also add more protection by adding layers of bubble wrap and even blankets. It helps to have an extra pair of hands when it comes to wrapping and tying the mattress.

How To Store The Mattress In A Safe Position

It does not matter if you only plan to store the mattress for a few weeks or indefinitely. Storing a mattress in the wrong position – even for a few days – can damage the mattress. In the worst-case scenario, the mattress might become so uncomfortable that you cannot bear to sleep on it. 

What Is The Wrong Way To Store A Mattress?

  • Never place other items like boxes on top of the mattress for an extended period of time.
  • Do not place the mattress on the rafters of the ceiling.
  • Avoid bending the mattress in any way. 
  • Placing the mattress directly on the cement floor of a garage can also lead to pressure point damage. 
  • Never store a mattress at a diagonal angle (even if the mattress is being kept in a straight position). 

What Is The Right Way To Store A Mattress?

Learning the correct way is not hard! But let’s consider the issue of space for a moment. Most garages do not have the space to lay the mattress down flat – where will the car and home gym go? Nope. The best is to put down thick padding, like an old blanket (folded double) and to vertically store the mattress on top of the blanket and against a wall. 

Care must be taken to ensure that the mattress is straight and not leaning diagonally, even a small bit. You can place anchors against the mattress, like boxes or containers to prevent the bed from tipping over. 

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Why Must I Avoid Moisture?

moisture in garage car wash

The short answer is that moisture is the worst enemy of any mattress. It is quick to grab hold of fabric and very hard to get rid of once the wetness sinks deeper into the bed. Let’s say it rains or the humidity is exceptionally nasty. Perhaps rain drops leaked in through the roof or a window and some of it seeped through the plastic wrapping. Eventually, it will cause mould – either on the wrapping or the mattress. 

Once mould grows on or inside a mattress, the bed is as good as destroyed. Keep the mattress away from windows, the garage door or any container that holds water. If your region has high humidity, regular checks will show whether your mattress is still dry. If the plastic feels clammy, get a fan in the garage or even a dehumidifier will rescue the situation.

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Speaking Of Regular Checks…

How often you check on the welfare of the mattress is up to you. However, a weekly check should be sufficient. The dreary-sounding chore is not just to check for unwelcome wet situations. The check includes looking for signs of pests, odours or that the mattress has moved position. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, correct it as soon as possible. This will keep your mattress in great shape for as long as you choose to store it!

A Quick Summary On How To Store A Mattress In A Garage

  • A garage is a good place to store a mattress. There is sufficient space and it’s free.
  • However, garages are not entirely designed to store things like mattresses.
  • A few tips will keep your mattress safe in storage.
  • The mattress must be cleaned, wrapped and stored in a safe position.
  • The most important thing is to keep moisture under control.
  • Regular checks will catch any problems before they can cause real damage.