How to Use a Cafetière?

Many of us know this as the French press. A Cafetière is a coffee making beaker that has a plunger which is made of a fine mesh that is used to press coffee grounds to the bottom when the coffee is ready. The Cafetière came to being in the 19th century after a long struggle of making coffee using primitive methods. This coffee maker rapidly grew into people and they made it a must-have in their daily domestic lives.

At a later date, it was refined and modern designs added to the Cafetière so that it can be used easily. Let’s see how it is used.

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​How the Cafetière Works?

Coffee brewed in a Cafetière is often done easily and efficiently. The Cafetière allows the coffee to brew without any exposure to pressure and high temperature. To get good coffee from it, the coffee ground infuses in hot water gradually to produce a rich-flavored coffee. You get to experience great-tasting coffee when you follow some simple steps. There is no need of having a heat source to make coffee because all you need is hot water, coffee grounds and the coffee pot. To make the coffee, it only takes about 2-4 minutes to have it ready for drinking. Cafetières are preferred by coffee purists because they bring out the natural taste from the coffee beans.

How to Use a Cafetière?

​Using a Cafetière

​As mentioned earlier, you get to have the best tasting coffee when you follow simple steps in making it. First, you have to place the pot on a non-slip surface to secure it on the surface. Carefully remove the lid and plunger units straight out of the pot. The pot will need pre-heating so you bring the hot water to boil and fill it in the pot. This will warm the Cafetière as you grind the beans to medium coarse consistency. When you are ready with the grounds, come back on the already warm Cafetière and pour out the water. Place the coffee grounds in the base of the Cafetière, which is usually measured 70 grams per every liter.The brewing of the coffee begins when you fill the pot with water that is close to boiling but has not reached the boiling point yet. After that you close the pot with the lid and plunger and allow it to infuse. This will take about four minutes. The coffee grounds will need to be separated from the brewed coffee that’s when you push the plunger down to have it separated. Your coffee is ready to be poured out to your cup. Further compression of the coffee at the bottom releases a bitter taste that is unpleasant to the mouth. If you are looking to make more coffee, then you have to use fresher grounds.

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​How to Choose a Cafetière

How to Use a Cafetière?

The Cafetière you get has great impact on how you use it. For instance, the size of the French press will determine how much coffee you make to avoid mistakes handling the appliance. If you want to make more coffee in a Cafetière, you have to have the right amount of coffee ground so that you can enjoy the end result.To make a large amount of coffee in a smaller Cafetière, you are required to make it in portions. After every portion, it is recommended that you get rid of the coffee ground used in the previous portion for you to achieve the freshness of the coffee.The material used in the construction also plays a big role on how you choose to handle the Cafetière. Glass Cafetières are common so that you can see the brewing process but they are very delicate so they require great care to handle them.

Those made of stainless steel and aluminium are sturdy and strong and they also have thermal insulation. The only problem is that they lack a viewing window for you to see what’s happening inside the beaker. Cafetières made of polycarbonate materials are the most affordable and are less likely to break. On the downside, they lack the luxurious finish that most of the high-end Cafetières have. Not to worry because they produce the best coffee all the same.


​Cafetières are just the right kitchen appliances to brew coffee, or even tea without the risk of drinking the coffee grounds or tea leaves. They filter infused drinks to make them an enjoyable beverage. Using the Cafetière isn’t as hard as it sounds making it usable by both learners and experts. It saves you a great deal of time when you make coffee in a Cafetière. You just have to follow the simple instructions provided to have your coffee at the comfort of your own home. Cafetières are found in different sizes to have you make your coffee drink to the amount you want.

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