How to Use Steam A Cleaner In The Bathroom?

We all want to have spotlessly clean bathrooms so we tend to do all it takes for it to remain as new as possible, but there are some areas in the bathroom that seem so unreachable by the convectional cleaning methods, hence, the expected clean does not come out. This is because of the dirt that has built up over time due to the dampness of the area.

When using a steam cleaner, there is no doubt that these stubborn stains in the grout or hidden dirt can be cleaned to your desired level, perfectly, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean and boosting your confidence. You can find your new handheld steam cleaner here or continue reading the article below to learn how to properly use one in the bathroom.

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The Steps

Step one:

You start by removing everything from the countertops that might hinder the cleaning process, and from the shelves that you might be having, clearing the bathroom floor and then opening the windows for fresh, and clean air. No one wants to work under stuffy environment, it won’t be conducive for the exercise. Dust the windows using a few blasts of steam from the steam cleaner, then wipe it down with piece of dry cloth or paper towel. It leaves the window with a sparkle immediately.

Step two:

Using proper the attachment of the cleaner mop, you can place the steam cleaner on the floor and guide it to reach areas that tend to accumulate dirt on the bathroom floor, leave it there for a moment to let the vapor from the steam work on removing the stains. By doing this, your floor is left shining of course, super clean everywhere even behind the toilets and alongside the sink vanity. Rinse off the mops pad to avoid carrying the debris to other areas that are already clean. Those are the areas commonly left out when one cleans with ordinary cleaning methods because of the unreachable nature of the places. With steam cleaning, that is easily taken care of without breaking too much sweat.

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Step three:

In the case of hard water usage, this causes the tubs or showers to have stains that are normally so stubborn when cleaning, the steam cleaner removes the stains and soap scum in the tubs and in the showers, retaining the original color. Pass the steam cleaner nozzle with a lot of steam on the areas on the tubs and showers then scrub badly affected areas then wash it down with lots of water.

Step four:

Damp areas tend to develop some slimy and grimy coats on fixtures and some brown substance on the sink drains that are not good to look at. Firstly, rinse off the visible dirt on and around the sink with water and leave the invisible for the steam cleaner. Pass steam using a handheld steamer along the edges and seams, and in between fixtures and wait for the built-up sludge to dissolve and loosen up. Wash it up with a bucket of water or drain it with a hose pipe.

If you thought cleaning the bathroom was hard because of the unending stains no matter how hard you try, I believe by reading this article you will find it easier with a steam cleaner.

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