Ideal Logic Pump Overrun: Here’s Why

And we’re back with the next instalment of, “Why does my thing say what it does?” If you’re not new to the site, you likely already know the following. However, for newcomers – have you checked out our thorough guide to all of your home’s issues? We’ve actually covered a “generic” version of this recently right here – Boiler overrun. Long story short, if your Ideal Logic boiler is displaying a “pump overrun” code, don’t fret.

When an Ideal Logic boiler says pump overrun, it’s normal. This is a function designed to keep your boiler safe and healthy, and is common across multiple brands.

Let’s talk a bit about this before we finish up, shall we?

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Ideal Logic: Pump Overrun

A pump overrun code happens in just about every boiler following the use of hot water. It’s a function that rids the boiler of excess heat, preventing potential damage from overly-hot water. It generally activates for 5-10 minutes (Ideal Logic pump overruns last for ~6 minutes) and will end on its own.

If you notice that it’s taking a long time to finish (an hour or more), then there could be something wrong with your timer, thermostat, or PCB.

I’ll give a short summary of what could be wrong, but for more detailed information, you’ll want to head over here to our previous article.

Potential Problems

There are three things that could go wrong with a pump overrun code:

  1. If the timer that controls the code dies, it’ll make your boiler begin to take longer (or perform irregularly). If something that normally takes 5 mintues now takes an hour – it’s likely your timer.
  2. The thermostat (TRV) controls the temperature of your radiator(s) and their on/off cycles. If there is sound or extreme heat coming from your boiler – this is likely why. You could also be having software issues, but that’s more likely caused by the following part.
  3. The last common cause of a pump overrun code lasting too long is the Pump Circuit Board (PCB) failing. This can lead to all sorts of issues, both hardware and software related.

If you suspect that any of these are the issue – call a gas safe engineer to help you out. These are electronic devices filled with water, and you really don’t want to get taken out by a boiler. Exercise caution and call the professionals.

Final Thoughts

This is a common issue for people who aren’t fully familiar with their boiler. Whether you just moved in, or simply couldn’t be bothered to read the manual, it’s okay. If your pump overrun code only lasts 5-10 minutes, everything is functioning normally. If it takes an hour or more to complete (or makes noise it shouldn’t) call a professional to troubleshoot.

Each of the things that could be wrong here is not something for the layman to fix. And please – don’t ignore signs of problems. If something is wrong, it needs to be fixed by a professional rather than ignored.