Kitchen Bin Storage Ideas

The kitchen is where most of the cooking is done. The entire process of cooking produces a lot of waste and it will only take a few moments to have it clean after. A dirty kitchen is discouraging to work in because the waste takes up a lot of space leaving the available space unbearable. Also, when the waste is not disposed of carefully, the germs can accumulate and cause diseases. You don’t want this to ever happen to you so you opt for proper kitchen waste disposable solution that is, getting a kitchen bin. It gets hard to store the kitchen bin in the right place so the bin ends up being at different positions every time you want to use it. This is obviously annoying to some extent. In this article, we are offering practical kitchen bin storage solutions to have your bin in one place.

​Create Space in a Pull-out Cabinet

As a lot of waste is produced in the kitchen, there is need to have a bigger bin to contain all the waste at once. Space is the key factor as to why we need proper storage. Bigger bins accumulate more space therefore making the kitchen look congested.

You can choose one of the integrated drawers to store up the bin or bins if you decide to get each bin for different waste matter. When you put your bin in one of the drawers, accessing it becomes easy and also it helps create more space in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Bin Storage Ideas

​Install a Unit to Dispose Waste

​Cooking is done in bigger kitchens and it is there that most of the activities happen. A single waste bin proves to be not enough to accommodate all the waste that is produced that is why it is clever to install a waste disposal unit in the kitchen. This is the unit that grinds up waste matter into very tiny particles that are easily washed down to drain. The unit has a lot of advantages like; it is environmentally friendly, the need to have another bin is eliminated and more space is created in the kitchen. The unit is also ideal for smaller kitchen because they save up too much space.

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​Choose One Spot for the Bins

​Most kitchens have bins located under the sink because that is where most of the kitchen operations happen. It is clever to position the kitchen waste bin at a place where it is convenient for you to use while in the kitchen. Putting the bin near the area where you prepare food simplifies the cleaning work since it is easily accessible. The position you choose should align with your kitchen layout should you choose a place further from the preparation area. You can also design a preparation station so that you get to place the bin there conveniently. There, you can put all the things needed for food preparation, like the chopping board, knives and a bin to through the trash in.

​Get a Free-standing Kitchen Bin

Kitchen Bin Storage Ideas

A free-standing bin sits at the place chosen in the kitchen without being in the way. Not many kitchens have space in the cabinets so these free-standing bins come in handy.

You can get multiple bins to sort the kitchen waste for recycling purposes. Labeling the bins or having them in different colors make the whole dividing process simpler for even visitors to use.

The free standing are practical solutions since they maximize your storage.

​Kitchen Cart With Bin Compartment

​Big kitchens often have kitchen carts to extend the worktop. A great idea is having one with a trash compartment where when the waste accumulate, it can be easily stashed away into the compartment.  The compartment is hidden to keep the area neat and tidy. It is worth noting that in order to use this option, a lot is space is needed. That is the reason I mentioned big kitchens with lots of space.

​Improvise Tilts

​For those kitchens with limited space, a trash can hidden in a tilt along a wall or in a corner keeps the area looking tidy. Aside from utilizing the space where practically nothing happens, the kitchen or the area looks neat and well arranged. You can make your own tilt to match your kitchen if the kitchen display is what you don’t want to mess with.


​How you keep your kitchen tells a lot on your hygiene. A kitchen producing waste matter is normal and inevitable. We should find ways on how to dispose the waste or else the kitchen becomes a disaster. Proper knowledge on storing the kitchen bin aids in keeping the kitchen clean and safe to work in every time. The few ways discussed above can help a great deal in managing the kitchen bin storage. The ideas are worth considering.