Money Saving Ideas

Here are a selection of ideas to help you cut down your expenses:

Cooking At Home:

  • Nigel Slater Roast Chicken – With a Twist

    Nigel Slater Roast Chicken – With A Twist Nigel Slater is quite well known around England. We recently covered a recipe of his (lemon chicken), and it was so good that we felt we had to write up another article of his with some slight improvements. The lemon chicken recipe turned out fantastic, and this…

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  • James Martin Chicken Kiev – With a Twist

    James Martin Chicken Kiev – With A Twist For ten years, James Martin was featured on BBC, and for good reason. The man is a talented chef and TV star, and perhaps one of his best-known recipes is his chicken Kiev. It’s a classic take on a classic dish – and we’re gonna make it…

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  • Nigel Slater Lemon Chicken – With a Twist

    Nigel Slater Lemon Chicken – With A Twist Nigel Slater is a well-known English food writer, journalist, cook. He’s made a number of tasty recipes over the years, and today we’re breaking down one of his most simple ones ever – lemon chicken. It’s a concept so hard to mess up that is always going…

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Repairing Appliances Instead Of Buying A New One

  • Lawn Mowers: Electric vs. Petrol

    Lawn Mowers: Electric vs. Petrol Electric or petrol, manual or computerized, this is a debate that lives across hobbies and industries, and likely will for the majority of our lifespans. No matter which side you’re on (if you’ve chosen one yet), the debate of whether or not petrol lawn mores are better than electric does…

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  • Petrol Lawn Mowers: Use Basics

    Petrol Lawn Mowers: Use Basics Today we’re talking petrol lawn mowers. What are they, how do they work, what type of fuel do they need, and all of the little basics you may have missed. We scraped the web for the most commonly-asked questions related to petrol mowers and collected the answers here just for…

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  • Petrol Lawn Mower Maintenance 101

    Petrol Lawn Mower Maintenance 101 Petrol lawn mowers are super handy contraptions, but they require a bit of special love, care, and attention to keep them running. If you’re new to the homeowner scene (or have just been lucky enough to never mow a lawn), it’s likely you have questions. Luckily for you, DreamyHome is…

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Repairing & Cleaning Your Home

  • Mixer Tap Not Working? Here’s Why

    Mixer Tap Not Working? Here’s Why Should your tap suddenly stop or develop issues, your mind is likely flooded with worst-case scenarios. What if I have a burst pipe? Did I forget to pay the water bill? Are my pipes frozen? There are countless things that could theoretically go wrong, Luckily, if your mixer tap…

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  • Tumble Dryer Under Stairs – Good Idea?

    Tumble Dryer Under Stairs – Good Idea? Should you put a tumble dryer under the stairs? Beyond the concern of safety, really the main question here is if your home can even accommodate that. Luckily, those of us at DreamyHome have seen and done quite a bit in our time, so we’ll be able to…

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  • How To Get Any Smell Out of a Mattress

    How To Get Any Smell Out Of A Mattress Mattresses are my favourite thing on this planet, right behind sleep. Do you see a connection there? Regardless of my obsession with sleep, there’s one thing that really gets in the way of a good night’s sleep – a stinky mattress. Now, this isn’t something to…

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Home Renovation & Decorating

  • How to Remove a Shower Screen [SOLVED]

    How To Remove A Shower Screen [SOLVED] At some point in your life, you’re likely to have the accident in a shower we all fear – falling a breaking the shower screen. It’s not fun, it’s embarrassing, and can be dangerous – but it’s luckily not the hardest thing to replace or repair. DreamyHome is…

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  • How to Remove a Shower Tray [SOLVED]

    How To Remove a Shower Tray [SOLVED] Every homeowner comes to the point where they realize the bits and bobs lying about their home are due for replacement. You put off this realisation as long as possible, but it’s eventually time to replace the small things like trim, shower trays, and updating baseboards or paint.…

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  • Water Not Coming Out of Your Tap? Here’s Why

    Water Not Coming Out Of Your Tap? Here’s Why One of the most annoying things a homeowner can experience is the water not coming out of your tap. It’s a very quick way to ruin your day, or at the very least, inconvenience you. Taps have a lot of bits and bobs, which means a…

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Garden DIY

  • Garden hoses by Carmen Edenhofer

    Garden Hoses & Sump Pumps

    Garden Hoses & Sump Pumps If you’re stuck wondering how to connect a garden hose to your sump pump, worry no longer – we’ve got you covered. We here at Dreamy Home found that there were quite a few commonly-asked questions floating around concerning using a garden hose in a sump pump, so, we answered…

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  • Garden Hoses & Hot Water

    Garden Hoses & Hot Water Garden hoses are incredibly versatile and offer a great deal of utility. But they’re also prone to failure, as most things in life are. As such, it’s vital to know the “dos and don’ts” of garden hose ownership – so we figured it was time to address garden hoses with…

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  • Garden Hoses & Winter

    Garden Hoses & Winter If you’re in a cold environment, you’re likely struggling to keep your hose healthy in between summers. If you’re stuck wondering if a garden hose will freeze, or how cold is too cold for a hose, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered – we scraped the most commonly-asked questions about hoses…

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