Portable DVD Player Travel Guide

portable dvd player

If you’re planning to travel soon, you’re likely trying to navigate the increasingly-complicated travel restrictions that airlines require. The specific focus for today’s article is travelling with electronics – can you use a portable DVD player on an aeroplane? What about banned carry-on items? There are a lot of really small things that often get missed, so I figured it was time to put together a little list. After all, you don’t want to have your prized copies of old DVDs to be confiscated, do you?

Today’s Topics Include:

  1. Can You Use a Portable DVD Player On an Airplane?
  2. What’s Not Allowed on a Plane Carry-On?
  3. Can I Pack a DVD Player in My Checked Luggage?

Travel 101

Today’s topic is going to be quick and easy. We’re discussing travel do’s and don’ts, so let’s just hop right in, yeah?

Can You Use a Portable DVD Player On an Airplane?

portable DVD player on an airplane

While there are general guidelines and rules in place for this, your mileage will vary based on where you’re flying to, where you’re coming from, and with whom you’re flying.

There are two things to take into account before bringing a portable DVD player along for the trip:

  • Have you checked with your airline?
    • This is always a good rule of thumb. Look at your airline’s rules for travel – if you see something like laptops allowed, it’s a good bet that you can bring a DVD player as well.
  • Where are you flying?
    • Depending on the country, the rules for what you can bring with you may vary. Some countries have banned specific movies or genres, so just be careful. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be detained over your prized copies of Shrek 2 and Zoolander, it’s always worth a check. (And yes – one of these was banned; can you guess which?)

So can you use a portable DVD player on an airplane? More likely than not, yes. Just be sure to do your homework before departing and you’ll be golden.

What’s Not Allowed on a Plane Carry-On?

airport security check

This is something that is surprisingly complicated and often outright confusing. As the years have gone on, travel agencies worldwide have begun to crack down on specifics of what you can and cannot travel with. So what isn’t okay to bring on a plane carry-on?

  • Weapons (duh).
    • This includes less-than-lethal weapons such as tasers and brass knuckles, as well as “non-weapon tools” like knives, razor blades, and axes.
    • This also includes bullets, arrows, cap gun caps, and BB gun bearings.
  • Controlled substances (also duh).
  • Explosives (BIG duh).
    • Yes – this includes fireworks.
  • Fuels such as butane, propane, or petrol.
  • Lighters, including arc and plasma lighters.
  • Liquids, gels, and pastes in bottles larger than 100 mL (3.4 oz.), including alcohol. However, those little bottles are okay, surprisingly.
  • Bleach, chlorine, spray paint, and other potentially dangerous or intoxicating chemicals.
  • Sporting goods which can be used as a bludgeon, such as baseball or cricket bats, bowling pins, skis, and hockey/lacrosse sticks.

Can I Pack a DVD Player in My Checked Luggage?

This is a super short and sweet answer (you’re welcome).

In short – yes, you can pack a DVD player in your checked or carry-on luggage.

While there are some exceptions to this, the general rule of thumb is that if it can be scanned in security, it can come onboard.


And that’s about that! Travelling can be confusing and a bit wild at times, but we’ve hopefully clarified things a bit for you. The basic rule of thumb to follow is to use common sense; if you wouldn’t want a stranger to bring any of these items into your home, chances are that you can’t bring it on a plane.

While the liquids, gels, and pastes are a frustrating exception to this, the truth of the matter is that most countries and airlines take the approach of “better safe than sorry” – and can you really blame them?