Strange Knife Designs: The Top Five

Knives come in different form and styles and we are used to having them have the same design, principles, and materials. Think of your regular Chef Knife or a Karambi. In most cases, the material used in building these knives is steel with a sharp edge attached to a handle. The handles can be plastic, metal, or other materials, depending on the brand and manufacturer. If not and you want to see electric versions, read our article

However, there are some knives that defy the basic principle and design most people are familiar with. They are of totally different materials, designs, to almost being strange. You may or may never have seen them.In this article, we want to show you five of the strangest designs we have seen on the market. Don’t hold your breath, just relax and look on as we unveil these shockers.

The WASP Injector Knife

Although the WASP Injector Knife is a combat knife, it is no ordinary one. While it can be used just like any other combat knife, it has more going for it. When you pick up this knife and penetrates – through the flesh of an animal for instance, it automatically releases a charge of compressed air into the wound or victim’s body.According to the maker of the WASP knife, the freezing air will cause the victim’s tissues to immediately freeze. With the shock along with the stab, you can hold even the largest land beast at bay.In fact, this knife can be even more deadly when you make use of it under water. Even the most enormous of predators can receive lethal damage from a single pierce.When you pierce a marine predator, the knife can inflict total damage to the animal, but how?When the gas, which goes with up to 850 psi[1] of pressure, passes unto the victim’s body, it freezes the tissues and organs surrounding the wound and causes the victim to float to the surface.As the rise continues, the atmospheric pressure reduces, which spreads the freezing to all part of the predator with grave consequences.As you can see, this is just an example. You don’t have to go underwater and chase marine animals. However, this knife can be handy during a life-threatening event where you can use it to defend yourself.

The Verizon Knife

The Verizon Knife uses pressure air with even more astounding results. It is not a combat knife, neither is it your typical Chef knife. It was created by the telecommunication giant, Verizon.When the company sends its engineers to the see, there occurs fallout of gas lines and damage of cables when they lay down new lines. At the beginning, the company never knew what to do about the rising need to stop the problem.However, with a strong R&D department, Verizon went into looking for a solution to the problem. At the end, the company produces this blade to help its engineers to lay fibre optic cables and with the help of the knife, the problem was solved.The knife can strike though lawns and cut even grass, but doesn’t break gas lines or sprinkler pipes. Thus, the company is quietly revolutionizing communication in the United States of America with this this unique approach.

Strange Knife Designs: The Top Five

This knife is designed by Matthias Kaeding. Matthias Kaeding was able to develop a series of ceramic knives that are similar to what you could describe as the knives of the Stone Age. While the knife is actually attractive and awe-striking, its practicality can only be determined after you have laid your hands on it.Whether you will go out of your way to get this for your next camping trip is up to you. The knife’s durability and strength has not only earned it some public recognition and these are two features we have seen on the ancient ones that have enabled them survive to our times.

This is another knife that was designed by Andrey Kokorin, a Russian graduate in 2012, who uses laser technology with electro-magnets to cut through meats and kitchen ingredients. Andrey Kokorin has employed his understanding of quantum in the development of this knife with the aim to revolutionize how we prepare our food.Because laser is faster, cleaner, and better than your regular Chef knife, it has the potential to make our food preparation more fun and even make us take a new and hard look towards the Chef knife. Although this knife is a breakthrough on its own, we are yet to see its deployment to the market for unknown reasons.

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