The Top 2 Reasons Why Clothes Are Wrinkled After Ironing

Crushed by those post-ironing creases? We explain why clothes remain wrinkled after ironing and how to avoid two major causes.

When ironing fails to remove wrinkles from clothing, two things could be responsible. First, the clothing could already be so severely wrinkled that the iron could not smooth the creases. Incorrect ironing techniques can also iron creases into clothing.

Ironing can be a back-breaking chore. Nothing is more disheartening than finding the wrinkles are still there or the clothing has even more creases than before. Find out why this happens and how to avoid the top 2 causes.

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The 2 Reasons Why Clothes Remain Wrinkled After Ironing

We have all been there. Faced with laundry that refuses to relinquish its wrinkles. Your kid’s school uniform looks like a prune and your work clothes do not appear much smoother, either. What the heck is going on and how can you fix this annoying issue (and make your kid like you more)?

Let us start at the beginning. The two main causes of why clothes stay crinkly after ironing include the following:

  1. The clothing is so badly wrinkled that normal ironing cannot smooth the fabric.
  2. Incorrect technique can iron creases into the clothing. 

Why Do Clothes Wrinkle?

There are several reasons why clothing gets wrinkles. But mainly, it boils down to water and heat. The two factors interact with the fibres on an almost molecular level, breaking the bonds that hold them together. When this happens, the polymers inside the fibres move into different positions that cause wrinkles to appear as soon as the fabric cools down. 

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What Causes Clothing To Become Too Wrinkled For Normal Ironing?

Here are the most common bloopers that are responsible for ultra-resistant wrinkles.

  • Leaving clothing in a heap for an extended period of time.
  • Certain fabrics are also more prone to excessive wrinkling and need to be carefully handled at all times.
  • Leaving wet or moist items of clothing in the laundry basket on a hot day.
  • Throwing light-weight fabrics into the washer with heavy items like jeans. During the washing process, the heavy clothing will crush wrinkles into the lighter clothing.
  • Using the incorrect dryer cycle. 
  • Folding clean laundry incorrectly. Wrinkles can also happen when clothing is hung incorrectly in the closet. 

How Does Incorrect Ironing Crease Clothing?

The Top 2 Reasons Why Clothes Are Wrinkled After Ironing

Unfortunately, it does not take much to make this mistake. Most people who iron have experienced this. You iron too quickly or the fabric suddenly fold just as you move the iron forward. The result is a rather neat-looking line. However, these creases are still unwelcome. 

How Do I Fix A Crease I Just Ironed In?

The good news is that there is a simple solution. The first step is to never try and iron it out just using the appliance. Remember, heat and water rearrange the fibres and you need some H2O here to reverse the crease. Always keep a bottle of water nearby when you get ready to iron. The moment you accidentally iron a crease into the fabric, spray the crease and iron over it. 

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How Do I Prevent My Clothes From Wrinkling So Much?

Our lives are getting busier. If a chore can be shortened, go for it! There are plenty of things you can do to stop spending so much time ironing wrinkles from your laundry. Here are the best tips.

Get Wrinkle-Resistant Clothing

You do not have to throw out your entire wardrobe. But when you buy new clothing, try to purchase wrinkle-resistant items and phase out your old clothing that crinkles like crazy. Not sure what fabrics and materials are anti-wrinkle? Here are some examples.

  • Wool.
  • Lyocell.
  • Polyester.
  • Cashmere.
  • Spandex.

Hang And Arrange Wet Clothing 

The Top 2 Reasons Why Clothes Are Wrinkled After Ironing

This tip works best for things like T-shirts, skirts, and button-type shirts. 

Step 1: Hand wash or place the item in the washer.

Step 2: Remove the wet item and place it on a hanger. 

Step 3: Secure the hanger on the washing line, especially if the day is windy.

Step 4: Arrange the fabric to separate the sides of the skirt or shirt so that they no longer stick together and pull the item straight to remove any wrinkles.

Step 5: Let the clothing air-dry. The results can vary. Sometimes, the wrinkles are completely gone or there are just a few but one thing is sure – your clothes will not be difficult to iron. 

Replace Ironing With Steaming

There are excellent clothes steamers available and they make a welcome alternative for those who really despise ironing (which is most of us!). Some are lightweight and handheld appliances that can fit inside a suitcase, making them the perfect tool for travellers who needs to de-wrinkle their clothes after unpacking in a hotel room. 

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Do Not Wear Damp Clothing

This may seem like a no-brainer but let’s be honest. Our busy lifestyles sometimes boil over and we realize the laundry is not really dry but we need to wear something to work! But they will develop creases and crinkles as they dry while you wear them. Ideally, clothes should have dried out for a day or two if air-drying.

Invest In Anti-Wrinkle Sprays

This is something your ancestors would have killed for! Today, there are many products to help you in the battle against wrinkles. One of the most popular is a liquid that can be sprayed onto clothing before you wear them. They will stay wrinkle-free for longer. 

Create Space In Your Wardrobe

Hanging clothes together can cause wrinkles. Especially when several hangers are smushed together because there is so much clothing in the wardrobe! While not always feasible, it is preferable to hang each item in such a manner that it does not come into contact with other clothing at all – or at least, just very lightly. Wrinkles are not the only problem with crammed wardrobes. They also smell musty much quicker than wardrobes with fewer items.

Watch Your Posture

If you love a particular outfit but the thing is a wrinkle-magnet, watch the way you sit. Pressing your back against a chair, crossing your legs, or not smoothing out the fabric before you sit down on the seat can all cause the outfit to crease. Annoying but true!

An Overview On Why Clothing Wrinkles

  • Wrinkled clothing can make laundry day a tougher chore that it needs to be.
  • Clothes wrinkle due to heat and moisture.
  • Clothing can also develop creases due to incorrect ironing. 
  • One can phase out fabrics that wrinkle easily and purchase only outfits made from wrinkle-free materials.
  • Fabrics that wrinkle can also be saved with anti-wrinkle products, proper drying, and care. 
  • Steaming your clothes instead of ironing can also remove wrinkles faster.

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