The Top 4 Ways To Keep A Flat Sheet Tucked In

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Are you tired of your flat sheet creeping up over the corners of your bed? Here are four ways to teach wayward sheets how to behave!

Flat sheets can be secured with hospital corners or suspender straps. One can also knot the corners or turn them into a fitted sheet.

Flat sheets are notorious for escaping their bonds and riding back up, wrapping around legs or annoying sleepers with rumpled ridges. Here’s how to avoid this midnight horror for good.

The 4 Best Methods To Keep A Flat Sheet Tucked In

A flat sheet is used in two ways. Sometimes, it can be used as an extra blanket. But flat sheets are more commonly tucked around a mattress to provide a comfy surface to sleep on. The problem is that flat sheets tend not to stay tucked in. Nope. They like to come back and haunt you. They wrap around ankles or turn into a carpet of knots that make sleep impossible.

There are ways to solve this annoying problem. Several ways, in fact. Here are the top 4 methods that keep flat sheets under control.

  1. Fold hospital corners.
  2. Use suspender straps.
  3. Knot the flat sheet’s corners.
  4. Turn the flat sheet into a fitted sheet.

The Benefits Of Folding Hospital Corners

folded hospital corners

One of the most secure methods is a technique called “hospital corners.” In the rare instance that you have not heard of this, hospital corners are so effective that the method is taught to both nurses and soldiers. And we have all seen beds in hospitals and barracks – they are so well-made and tight you can bounce a penny off them!

Besides being very secure, hospital corners also do not require any tools or sewing (like some of the other options on this list). 

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How Do I Fold Hospital Corners?

Learning to do hospital corners requires a small learning curve. But once you ace it, you will never forget how to tuck a flat sheet in this manner. Let’s get straight to it!

  1. Arrange The Sheet Correctly

Smooth the flat sheet over the bed’s surface. Allow the edges to hang over the mattress. You do not have to worry about the edges just yet. Your concern now is to ensure that the sheet’s surface over the mattress is smooth and wrinkle-free. 

  1. Arrange The Bottom Half Of The Sheet

Take the bottom end of your flat sheet and fold it under the mattress. Smooth the sheet while you push it in as deep as possible. Make sure that the left and right corners are not under the mattress. They should be hanging out the sides. 

  1. Tuck In The Corners

The hospital corners method is completed with two “tucks.” In other words, you need to complete two steps and both involve tucking away corners. 

The first step – take hold of the top side of the sheet (the part covering the sleeping surface of the mattress). Pull it up. You should now see a vertical edge and one corner pointing at the floor. Keeping the other corner in your hand, tuck the floor corner under the mattress. Push it in deeply and smooth it out under the mattress. Repeat with the other side.

The second step – This one is very easy! Take the remaining corner and fold it over the corner you just buried and tuck it under the mattress. You should now have something that looks very neat and almost like the corner of a wrapped gift. 

Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the top half of the flat sheet and there you go! Hospital corners that will resist all your midnight tossing and turning!

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Keep A Flat Sheet In Place With Suspender Straps

What Are Suspender Straps?

Also known as “adjustable grippers,” suspender straps are tools that keep your sheets in place. They work with any type of sheet but are particularly useful when it comes to keeping those wayward corners of flat sheets in check.

Their shape is roughly triangular and consists of three elastic bands and clasps. One way to get really good suspender straps is to only purchase those that are advertised as being adjustable. That way, they will fit your own unique situation and bedding. 

How Do I Use Suspender Straps?

If this is the first time that you are considering using suspender straps, the good news is that they will come with instructions on how to use them. Each product might be slightly different so it is important to follow the guidelines. The guidelines are there to ensure that incorrect use does not damage the suspender straps or your sheets.

How Effective Are Suspender Straps?

When they are correctly used, suspender straps are very effective. You just have to read the reviews of 5-star products to see how much these straps have helped sleepers to keep their flat sheets under control! 

Suspenders are discreet. If you wondered why you have never seen one, that’s why! Suspender straps will do their job, hidden away under the mattress, and not turn your bed into an eyesore (let’s admit it – having visible straps gripping a sheet does look a bit odd). 

How To Secure A Flat Sheet With Knots

tying a knot

Hey, anyone knows how to tie a basic knot – and that is all you need. Knots can help you out when you do not want to do hospital corners or buy suspender straps. 

How Do I Use Knots To Keep My Flat Sheet In Place?

This technique will only work if your flat sheet is large. Tying knots in the fabric will shrink the sheet and therein lies the hardest part. You have to find the balance between tying the knots and not using too much fabric. If done correctly, the corners will fold under the mattress and anchor the flat sheet. The sheet will have a nice tight fit. Use too much fabric and the corners will slip out and the sheet will rumple and move as always.

Tying the knots themselves are very simple. Tie a normal knot in one corner and then do the same with the other corner on the same side (so tie both corners at the top of the sheet). The flat sheet will have rough cups that you can hook over the corners of the mattress. Repeat with the lower corners of the sheet and mattress.

Turn The Flat Sheet Into A Fitted Sheet

This option is for the sewing expert. If you love a good DIY project, you can turn a flat sheet into a real fitted sheet. There are excellent tutorials online for you to use. 

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A Quick Summary On How To Keep A Flat Sheet Tucked In

  • Flat sheets are notorious for refusing to stay in place.
  • You can fold hospital corners to secure the sheet.
  • Knots and suspender straps also keep sheets down.
  • A more complicated solution is to turn the flat sheet into a fitted sheet.