The Top Causes (And Fixes) For Lay-Z-Spa Pump Noise

Hot tubs in general are complicated machines due to a large number of moving parts. While what they do for you is great, when they stop working there can be a painful troubleshooting process. If your Lay-Z-Spa pump noise is getting annoying, there are a few potential causes. 

A key sign something is wrong with your Laz-Y-Spa pump is a grinding or buzzing noise that isn’t usually there.

There are a lot of small things that could cause this, so it’ll be a little bit of work to troubleshoot. Let’s break the potential issues down, shall we?

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Top Causes of a Noisy Lay-Z-Spa Pump

First things first – no matter how technically proficient you are, electrical repairs are dangerous. Add in a tub full of water, and you’ve got prime electrocution circumstances. If you’re not entirely positive about your ability to make the following repairs, please hire a professional. They exist for a reason and there’s no shame in hiring them. 
If, however, you’re dead-set on doing it yourself, ensure all power is off before beginning. Now, let’s get started.

Tripped Breakers

Tripped breakers

This is generally a good sign that something is wrong with your hot tub, especially if it hasn’t happened before. A tripped breaker is generally caused by either a) faulty heating elements, b) bad fuses, or c) faulty water pumps. 

To figure out the cause, follow the ensuing steps, looking for what trips the breaker when on:

  1. Disconnect the heater and flip your breaker. 
  2. Disconnect the pump after reconnecting your heater.
  3. If the breaker trips but the pump doesn’t make a noise when the breaker comes back on, check your fuses.
  4. Remove the tub’s motor. Testing the voltage with a multimeter will tell you if the motor is the problem. If it’s getting proper voltage and doesn’t run, it’s your problem.
    1. Again, if you’re not comfortable with this, hire a pro.

Whichever of these steps that causes the breaker to flip again is the faulty part. (I.E. If the pump is disconnected and the breaker doesn’t flip, that’s your problem).

Humming and/or Grinding Noise

If you hear something similar to this, that’s a sign of a seized pump or bad bearings. Other indicators of a pump issue (other than the previous steps) include:

  • No heat in your Lay-Z-Spa
  • Codes including OH, DR, FLO, DRY, or others mentioned in your owner’s manual.
  • No water flow in the tub (it’s sitting still rather than circulating).

Now, before fully replacing the pump it’s worth checking that it’s not clogged with debris. Simply flush the water from your machine and run pipe cleaner (designed for hot tubs, not DrainO) through them. 

Now, you can hire someone to repair this or to rebuild your pump. But that’s expensive – generally more so than simply buying a new spa. If you think your pump is going out, try to order a replacement before it’s died entirely.

It’s Not Faulty, Just Too Loud!

Sound insulation for Lay-S-Spa noisy pumps

If the sound your hot tub makes is just too loud for your tastes, then there are things you can do to quiet it. Here are some great and relatively affordable ways to quiet down your noisy Lay-Z-Spa pump.

1. Insulation Mats

Hot tub insulation mats are great! They do two things that are wildly beneficial in one fell swoop – they maintain heat and reduce noise. This is because they’re made from thick rubber, which reduces the vibrations and overall noise that escapes the tub. This is particularly useful when your hot tub is resting on a wooden deck or non-concrete material.

Insulation mats also do exactly what their name implies – they insulate the hot tub. This prevents as much heat loss, and in turn, saves you money on electricity. In addition, they’ll protect your hot tub from minor scratches or other damage that could cause major issues.

While you can theoretically jerry-rig makeshift insulation, there are insulation mats widely available for most hot tubs and Lay-Z-Spas. They will generally cost below £150 and can be ordered third-party or directly from the manufacturer.

2. Fences and Blockages

A simple solution that requires a bit of elbow grease is building a fence or planting bushes around your Lay-Z-Spa. The added material surrounding it will absorb noise, provide a bit of privacy, and block the wind. I’m personally a fan of this solution, as it’s got a lot of added benefits that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

3. Noise Reduction System

The makers of Lay-Z-Spas actually designed a noise reduction system specifically to fix Lay-Z-Spa pump noise. It’s a stand-alone unit created to reduce as much noise as possible that’s coming from your pump. While many newer models already have this installed, you can buy them for older editions, too.

4. Pump Optimization

Noisy Lay-Z-Spa pump

Sometimes the area that you place your pump can be the cause of excess noise. Check the following to see if you can move it around to reduce noise and damage:

  1. Place your pump on a hard, flat surface, such as concrete, rather than a wooden deck. 
  2. Don’t place it on sharp surfaces like gravel (this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised)
  3. Some form of insulation, even foam or vinyl, will work wonders. Place something soft under the pump to protect it and prevent excess noise.
  4. Remove your hot tub from any nearby or touching walls. 
  5. Give your pump space. Blocking it into a corner can cause sound to reverberate more easily, increasing noise.
  6. Clean your pump regularly. Blockages and grime can cause unnecessary noise.

Final Thoughts

Lay-Z-Spas are awesome contraptions that can, at times, become too loud. If you’re certain there’s nothing faulty and it’s just annoyingly loud, there are a few things you can do (listed above) to cut noise. 
If, however, there is a problem, the above steps should help you find the source.