This Is When You Can Shower After Painting The Bathroom

A freshly-painted bathroom is beautiful. But showering too soon after painting can ruin everything. Here’s how you can avoid this tragedy.

After painting a bathroom, one must wait two to three days before showering. Not adhering to this rule will cause the paint to become wet again and run down the walls, making a mess of the paint job and the floor.

If you take a shower before your bathroom’s new coat of paint is dry it can lead to a costly mistake. We explain why it takes so long to dry and provide alternatives if you like a daily shower.

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When Can I Take A Shower After Painting My Bathroom?

Painting your bathroom might be an inconvenience if you love daily showers. But the perks are worth it. A new coat of paint makes the room beautiful and also heightens the sales appeal if your home is in the market. 

After you have chosen and applied your paint, you need to wait for between 48 and 72 hours. This allows the paint to dry completely and eliminate the risk of streaking down the wall and all over the floor, which is not the result you were hoping for!

Why Does Paint Take So Long To Dry?

This is part of the normal process and under perfect conditions, there is not much that you can do to hurry the process along. It is best to let the paint cure on its own time. However, that being said, sometimes the expected 48 to 72 hours have elapsed and the paint is still wet. What gives? When that happens, something is interfering with the drying process. 

Humidity is the main gremlin. When there is too much moisture in the air, the pain will struggle or even refuse to dry. 

humidity meter

How To Deal With High Humidity And Wet Paint

  1. Open the windows to create more air circulation. It will disperse the excess moisture and help to cure the paint. However, do not open the windows if there is a chance that dust and other dirt can blow inside and get stuck on the wet paint.
  2. Place a dehumidifier in the bathroom to remove the high humidity and moisture.
  3. Remove all wet, moist, and damp items from the bathroom. This includes the shower curtain, washcloths, towels, and bath mats. 

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How Do I Know When The Paint Is Completely Dry?

There is a very simple test that you can perform to determine whether your wall is dry or not. 

Step 1: Play it safe and wait for the maximum amount of time which is about 72 hours. 

Step 2: Considering that the test might mess up the paint, choose an area where this blemish won’t be noticed, like in a corner or near the top of the window frame. This is also why we recommend waiting for the maximum period of time; to avoid this type of damage.

Step 3: Touch the area with your fingertip. If the paint does not feel wet or sticky, then it is dry. Unfortunately, when the paint still has not cured, touching it might leave a smudge.

A bathroom extractor fan can also remove excess humidity. If yours is a bit dusty, find out how you can clean your bathroom extractor fan so that it performs at its best.

How Can I Stay Clean Without My Shower?

A lot of people shower once a day or several times a day. If you are one of these squeaky-clean individuals, then waiting for three days could be more than a simple inconvenience. It could be downright uncomfortable and distressing – especially if you work closely with people. Nobody wants to wonder the whole time whether they reek and if their friends, family, and colleagues can smell it.

Luckily, there are alternatives. However, you must really consider your options before you paint the bathroom. This will allow you to make the arrangements and find something that suits you the best. 

Use The Other Bathroom

Not everyone is lucky enough to have two bathrooms in their house. But if you do have a second bathroom, this will be your best choice. It is private, in your own home, and you do not need to do anything special. Usually, the second bathroom only contains a bath or a shower but not both. But what to do if it only contains a toilet and basin?

Okay, the next suggestion might not be a hot favourite. But for a couple of days, fill the basin with hot water, stand on a towel or bath rug, and wash with a washcloth. Washing your hair over the basin might also not be as comfortable as in the shower but it won’t be impossible. When you hate our article or yourself for painting the main bathroom just remember – it is only for three days!

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Ask If You Can Use A Friend Or Family Members’ Bathroom

guest bathroom

You can always ask but remember; if they refuse never make them feel bad for it. This is also why you need to find an alternative bathroom long before you paint your own. It might take a while to find someone who is willing to let you use their water and electricity for three days. 

Here are some tips to make the experience easy for everyone involved.

  • Do not abuse the privilege. Shower as quickly as you can and leave the bathroom in a neat state.
  • Do not hang around afterwards unless you are invited. There is nothing worse than a houseguest that overstep their boundaries.
  • Offer some kind of compensation. If they refuse to take a financial gift to make up for the water and power you have used, buy them a gift like their favourite chocolate or a gift card. 

Use The Bathroom Of A Motel Or B&B

This could be your most expensive option as the motel or Bed & Breakfast will charge you for a full day or night, not just the hour it took you to shower. Why? Because they have to clean the place again and make it ready for the next person, regardless if you never used the bed or kitchenette. 

A Quick Overview On When To Shower After Painting The Bathroom

  • Painting a bathroom makes it look new and beautiful. It also heightens the value and appeal of your home if it happens to be for sale.
  • It takes between 2 to 3 days for the paint to fully cure and dry. 
  • For this time period, it is not advisable to take a shower or bath. The humidity can cause the paint to start running down the wall and stain the floor.
  • High humidity can also prevent pain from drying normally and this can be corrected with a dehumidifier, removing damp items from the bathroom and opening windows for better air circulation.
  • During the drying process, you can shower in your home’s second bathroom or use the bathroom of a friend. You can also rent a bathroom at establishments like motels and B&B’s. 

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