This Is Why Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing F

F is an error code. Learn more about what it could mean and how to fix it.

When an induction hob has a flashing F, it is displaying an error code. In other words, something has gone wrong. In most cases, the error code shows when incompatible pots are used on a hob. But there are different F error codes with various meanings depending on the hob’s manufacturer.

Nobody likes to see an error code appear on a large appliance. Here’s how you can deal with that flashy F.

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The Reason Why Induction Hobs Start Flashing The Letter F

Induction hobs have several letters that light up when something goes right – or wrong. The letter “H” for instance signals a hot plate or lingering heat in a cooking zone after the hob is switched off. This friendly warning from the “H” is a good example of something going right. The letter F is not really something that experienced hob owners want to see. It shows something is not right and you might need to call an electrician.

F is an error code. But things are not as simple as, “Hey, my hob is flashing F so now I know the ceramic glass needs replacement.” Figuring out what that F means is the bane of many new hob owners. The error code can mean different things to different manufacturers. Sometimes, a hob can even light up variations like “F2” and “F3” just to make things more complicated.

The short answer is that F flashing – on most hobs – is indeed an error code. But finding a clear answer depends on the type of hob that you own. A list of codes should be included in the instructions booklet that came with your newly purchased appliance. 

Here are some of the more popular brands and their F error code meanings. But if you do not have one of these, hang on. Later in the article, we give the best tips to help you figure out what that flashing F error code means, no matter what brand induction hob you own.

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I Have A Bosch Induction Hob With A Flashing F

This Is Why Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing F

F1 – The hotplate has been switched off by the hob. Most likely this is due to too much overheating. It is best to let the cooking zone cool off completely before you switch it on again.

F2 – The hotplate has been switched off due to overheating electronics. Turn off the appliance and wait for it to cool down. Touch any symbol to turn it on again and the issue should be resolved.

F4 – The entire unit overheated and switched off all the cooking zones. Wait for the induction hob to cool off before switching it back on.

F5 – The hob has detected hot cookware placed in the control area. Placing hot pots and pans in the control area is not allowed. Remove the cookware immediately. After a few moments, the error code should disappear by itself.

F6 – The same meaning as F1.

F8 – This error message could appear if a hotplate has been on for too long and signals that the plate might be overheating. The automatic safety switch needs to be checked for faults. If necessary, it needs to be deactivated.

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I Have A Zanussi Induction Hob Flashing An F

Zanussi hobs do not come with so many error codes as a Bosch hob (not at the time of writing anyway). But Zanussi hob owners face two different F error codes. One shows an F continuously and the second code is the flashing F. 

What Do The F Error Codes Mean?

When your Zanussi induction how shows an F that doesn’t flash, it just sits there, then this points to a missing phase or connection problem. This is not really something you can fix at home. An experienced electrician must examine the induction hob to isolate and fix the problem so that you can safely use the appliance again. 

But what about a flashing F error code? This means that the induction hob is on but it is not registering cookware in the cooking zone. This can happen when you did not place a pot there yet, so you can really just fix it by adding cookware to the zone. Then the F should stop flashing and disappear by itself. 

If you get a flashing F error code but there is a pot in the cooking zone, then the cookware might not be compatible with an induction hob. This makes sense. Cookware that is not compatible will not register with the hob, which will then treat the cooking zone as “empty” and the appliance then activates the F error code.

This Is Why Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing F

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I Have Another Induction Hob Brand

If you have another induction hob brand there are several ways to find out what the flashing F on your appliance means. 

  1. If you had kept the instructions and user manual that came with the induction hob, then there should be a section in the booklet that explains every error code. This booklet should be your first stop in trying to find out what the F means.
  2. In case the flashing F is not listed for some reason, feel free to contact the manufacturer of your induction hob. The booklet should have their contact details. You can also search online to find their contact details and customer service. 
  3. Visit a forum. These days, there are forums for everything and a lot of people discuss problems with home appliances with each other in such threads. You might get real-world experience and solutions from other hob owners.
  4. Contact a qualified electrician with a working knowledge of how to fix an induction hob. They should be able to diagnose the problem that same day. In most cases, it is bound to be a small issue.

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A Quick Summary On Why Induction Hobs Flash An F Error Code

  • Seeing any error code can be alarming, especially if you do not know what it means.
  • While the actual meaning differs from brand to brand, the F error code is usually an overheating warning.
  • Other meanings can also include problems with the electronics or when you use incompatible cookware with the induction hob. 
  • Some brands have different types of F error codes, each meaning something else. 
  • You can normally discover the meaning of your induction hob’s problem in the user manual that came with it. A good user manual will have a section that covers each and every error code. 
  • You can always contact the manufacturer to explain the problem and discover what the F means for your induction hob. 
  • Sometimes, friendly forum users with their own induction hob stories can help to diagnose the problem.
  • You can always contact a reputable electrician to sort out the problem quickly.

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