Top 2 Ways To Eliminate Toilet Paper Dust

Tired of toilet paper that sheds worse than your dog? We explain why TP gets dusty and how to get rid of the problem for good.

When toilet paper is dusty, the problem can be caused by two things – the way it was made and dust gathering on the roll. Two of the best solutions is to purchase quality toilet paper and also to protect toilet paper from dust.

Needless to say, dusty toilet paper is not just annoying but there is also a chance that it is not hygienic to use. Tired of all the bits and lint? We have all the advice you need.

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The Top Two Reasons Why Toilet Paper Is Dusty

Let’s talk straight. Nobody appreciates bits of toilet paper in unspeakable places, the floor, or when it clogs the toilet. Dusty toilet paper tends to do all three. The fact that such toilet paper makes the bathroom messy and that it is unhygienic for personal use calls for an understanding of what is happening and how to solve the problem.

In order to solve the issue, you need to identify which of the two main culprits you are dealing with. 

  1. The toilet paper sheds lint due to its manufacturing process.
  2. The dust is caused by an outside source. 

To be fair, the second reason does not always include clogged toilets and paper that disintegrates into tiny bits. But environmental dust on toilet paper is utterly unhygienic and that is why we are also including it in our article today.

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How Manufacturing Processes Makes Toilet Paper Dusty

Some people call it dust. Others call it lint. But both boil down to the same thing. When toilet paper is handled, whether removed from its packaging or used when you go to the bathroom, small bits shed everywhere. You might even find that it sheds on the floor when nobody is handling the roll. Why are some toilet rolls so messy?

The blame can be laid squarely at the feet of the manufacturing process. When toilet paper is made, the materials are ground up. But this pulp sometimes contains debris that fails to bond to 

the other fibres. Some manufacturing techniques are so poor that a huge amount of fibres never bond with each other. As a result, the rolls of toilet paper will not have much in the way of paper integrity. 

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How Do I Deal With A Poorly Manufactured Brand? 

Top 2 Ways To Eliminate Toilet Paper Dust

Simple. Do not buy it! But we understand. Sometimes, there is an irresistible sale on toilet paper at your local shop, you want to try a new brand, or you cannot spend a lot on toilet paper. There is no reason why you cannot find something good through trial and error. There are indeed cheap brands that make 1-ply great toilet paper that does not shed dust or lint. 

But the unfortunate truth is this – the lower the price the higher the chances are that you will go home with a problem.

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How Do I Recognize A Good Brand Of Toilet Paper?

  • The toilet paper is priced higher.
  • It can be from 2 to 3 ply.
  • Some are individually wrapped (although multi-packs of high-quality toilet paper do not always follow this rule).
  • The brand is well-known for its quality.
  • The product is marked as “septic-safe.”
  • The product is environmentally friendly.

How To Deal With Dust From Other Sources

It does not matter if you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper, both are highly vulnerable to dust. The kind that settles everywhere in the home! But first, to hammer home the point of how crucial it is to protect your toilet paper from this type of dust, let’s meet some of the stuff inside it.

  • Dead skin cells.
  • Bacteria.
  • Dust mites.
  • Soil.
  • Parts of bugs.
  • Microscopic plastic.

Needless to say, none of these goobers belongs on items that are directly related to hygiene in the bathroom. 

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How Do I Protect My Toilet Paper From Dust?

Top 2 Ways To Eliminate Toilet Paper Dust

You can use a toilet roll cosy but seriously, not everyone loves the idea. It’s okay if you do not want that either because there is plenty of other tips. One of the most important is to battle dust in the bathroom as a whole. When you reduce dust in the bathroom, there will automatically be less to settle down on the toilet paper. 

Here are more tips:

  • Keep the toilet paper in a closed container in the bathroom and only take it out when you need to use it (or install a toilet paper dispenser).
  • Never dust the bathroom when the toilet paper is exposed. 
  • Make sure that dust is not entering the bathroom through the air conditioning system or window.
  • You can always remove the first few blocks of the toilet paper before you use it. That way you will know that there is no dust on it.

Are There Alternatives To Toilet Paper?

Replacing toilet paper altogether is a good way to get rid of both types of dust! But the question remains. Are there alternatives that are worth it? Oh, yes.

One of the best and most hygienic replacements for toilet paper is a bidet. This fountain for your bum uses water and the majority of people who try this type of loo never go back to using toilet paper. It not only cleanses and refreshes but also saves a ton of money in the long run. Just think, you never have to buy toilet paper again. 

There are other alternatives like reusable toilet paper. Most of these products do not contain fibres or paper. They are actually a type of cloth, like organic cotton or flannel. There are also suggestions out there of trying things like newspaper or the carton rolls inside old-school toilet paper. Unless you find yourself in a really desperate situation, try to avoid these as they cannot effectively clean your bum and are definitely not hygienic.

A Short Overview On How To Deal With Dusty Toilet Paper

  • Dusty toilet paper is caused by two things.
  • Due to hygiene reasons, both are a cause for concern.
  • The two causes include environmental dust and poor manufacturing processes.
  • A poor manufacturing process leaves too many “loose” debris in a roll of toilet paper. This causes a lot of dust and lint to fall on the bathroom floor or the paper disintegrates when you try to use it.
  • Poor quality can be avoided by buying better quality toilet paper or finding a reputable brand. 
  • Environmental dust comes from windows, draft, air conditioners, and more. It can be avoided by covering the toilet paper, reducing dust, keeping windows closed, and making sure that AC filters are clean.
  • Alternatives to toilet paper, like installing a bidet, can also eliminate the problem of dusty toilet paper.