Top 2 Ways To Fix A Buzzing Bathroom Mirror

Banish the bathroom buzz for good. Here’s why your mirror hums and two ways to solve the problem. 

Mirrors with LED lights and shaver sockets have a tendency to buzz. The most common reasons for LED lights to hum is an electromagnetic problem or interference. The LED transformer can also cause a mirror’s shaver socket to vibrate and cause a buzz.

A humming noise can grate on your nerves. Learn the two main reasons why bathroom mirrors buzz and how you can fix them.

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The Reasons Why Your Bathroom Mirror Is Buzzing All The Time

When household items stepped into the “Smart Age,” bathroom mirrors were not left behind. One popular smart mirror is the type that has LED lights that light up when you come closer – no need to push any buttons! Infrared sensors do all the work. While that is very handy and all, mirrors with LED lights come with an annoying problem – they hum. 

Needless to say, this can get very annoying. But what exactly is causing your LED lights to sound like a nest of bees? The problem is mainly electromagnetic. Devices with electromagnetic influence can interfere with LED lights in this way. If for some reason, you are using an LED dimmer, this can also cause the same problem.

Top 2 Ways To Fix A Buzzing Bathroom Mirror

But sometimes, the LED lights are just fine. If the mirror still buzzes and it has a shaver socket, then the socket is the culprit. Well, kind of. The power supply for the LED lights flows around the socket and since the current is usually very strong, it causes the socket to vibrate. The buzzing that you hate is caused by the vibrations of shaver socket.

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Fixes For LED-Caused Humming In Bathroom Mirrors

1. Look At The Driver Or Transformer

LED lights are very bright. When used to light up mirrors, they can help you to see better when you do your makeup or shaving. But all that brightness needs a powerful flow of wattage and this can cause the humming if the electrical design is strained. 

The driving force behind LED lights is either a LED driver or transformer. The latter is more powerful and can light up a larger number of bulbs without losing brightness. Whichever one your mirror has does not really matter. But you need to check your mirror’s driver or transformer to see if you have a faulty one. If so, it needs to be replaced and once you have a new power supply installed the humming should stop.

Learn how to test your LED driver.

2. Check For Electromagnetic Interferences

Does your mirror hum only at certain times? We don’t mean every afternoon at four. Rather, it tends to buzz when something else is on – like a microwave. If so, the best course of action is to try and put a little distance between the mirror and the item that causes the buzzing. 

Here’s a checklist of common household items that have an electromagnetic field.

  • Microwaves.
  • Computers.
  • Electric blankets.
  • TVs.
  • Electric radiators.
  • Speakers.
  • The Wi-Fi router
  • Baby monitors.
  • Smart meters.
  • Some virtual assistants.
Top 2 Ways To Fix A Buzzing Bathroom Mirror

3. Check For Compatibility Between The Dimmer And Driver

Okay, sometimes LED lights can get a little bright. This is the reason why most of them – no matter if it’s a lamp or ceiling light – come with the ability to dim. Those that do not automatically have a dimmer can be connected to a dimming device. 

A lot of people complain about a buzzing noise once they dim LED lights. This is not unique to LED mirrors but also occurs when lights and lamps are muted. In most cases, when LED lights are dimmed and the buzzing starts, the reason is compatibility problems with the dimming device and the LED driver or transformer.

The solution is to look for dimmers that have been tested by their manufacturers for compatibility with LED lights. Two of the most effective types of devices are CL and ELV dimmers. 

  1. CL gives a great dimming range and eliminates most cases of humming (but it’s not effective with all LED devices).
  2. ELV is a better choice and works almost every time. 

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How To Fix A Vibrating Shaver Socket

The good news is that your mirror is not faulty. The lights are fine and you should have no problem charging your shaver, either. The only problem is the powerful circulation of electricity caused by the LED transformer or driver. So, we have already established that it rattles the shaver socket! What can you do?

1. Tighten The Driver’s Position

When it comes to DIY in the home, anything that rattles can usually be fixed in the same way – tighten it. In this case, it might be a good idea to tighten the screws on the LED driver. In some instances, this solves the problem. 

2. Insert A Rubber Pad To Stop The Vibrations

This technique is also used by plumbers who tightened rattling pipes and they still rattle. By inserting a material that cushions the buzzing object, the noise can be eliminated. In this case, you might also favour this option since it is often easier than tightening the transformer in a small space or bathroom. 

Make sure that the pad is made from heatproof rubber. The thickness might depend on how loud the sound is and the space available behind the mirror. But any thickness rubber pad should greatly reduce or remove the buzzing noise. 

Once you have your rubber pad, carefully insert it between the backbox of the mirror and the shaver socket transformer. The shaver socket tends to vibrate against this backbox in most cases. When the rubber pad is in place, you should be able to enjoy some quiet time in front of the mirror. 

What If Nothing Stops My Mirror From Buzzing?

Oh, shoot. So you tried everything and the mirror still hums at you. Regrettably, not all hacks work with every buzzing mirror. The reason is that the electrical design might have another, more complicated or unforeseen fault that cannot be fixed by DIY suggestions. 

Should you have tried everything to fix the problem yourself and nothing works, there are only two things left to do. 

  1. Contact the retailer or manufacturer and describe the problem. Chances are that they have good customer service and might advise you how to proceed or offer to replace the mirror.
  2. Contact a professional repair company that has a proven track record of fixing LED devices. Even better, if they have experience with buzzing LED mirrors, then have a chat with their experts about your options. 

A Quick Summary On Why Bathroom Mirrors Buzz

  • Buzzing is common with mirrors that have LED lights.
  • Two of the main reasons for humming are vibrating shaving sockets and LED problems.
  • LED problems can include electromagnetic interference and incompatible dimming devices. 
  • Buzzing mirrors are often fixed by removing an item that causes electromagnetic interference, finding a compatible dimming device, tightening the LED driver or by reducing the vibrations of the shaver socket. 
  • When all else fails, you need to contact the manufacturer of the mirror or talk to a professional repair company.