Top 4 Reasons Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing H

Here is everything you need to know about that mysterious H.

Induction hobs display an H (or h) when something is hot. Depending on the hob’s design, the letter can indicate a certain heat range or act as a warning not to touch a hot area. A flashing H or h usually disappears on its own as the hob cools.

Should you worry about your hob’s flashing alphabet? Not always. But it is important to know what the H means and what it wants you to do.

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The Reasons Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing H

Simply put, the “H” on your induction hob stands for “hot” or “heat.” Since a hot stove can be dangerous, it is important to take notice when your hob displays this letter. It is a warning to you, the cook, to be careful because some area of the appliance is too hot to touch and that you need to be careful. Most of the time, all you have to do is to let the induction hob cool off by itself. The H will stop flashing. 

Here are all the main reasons the letter H lights up.

  1. Some hobs flash H the first time you turn them on. This is due to factory settings.
  2. Sometimes, after a power interruption, an H might appear. 
  3. It lights up to show that a cooking zone is hot and ready for use.
  4. An H or h can act as a residual heat indicator, showing the level of heat that remains in cooking zones after you switch off the hob.

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Why Is My Induction Hob Flashing H After I Turned It On For The First Time?

Straight out of the gate, let us put your mind at ease. When you connect your induction hob to a power supply for the first time and switch it on, chances are that it will flash an H. This is not a sign that your hob is about to explode or that it is faulty in any way! This scenario is very common with certain brands. 

But What Does It Mean?

It means that your induction hob was heat tested at the factory. During this test, the appliance was turned off while still very hot and this kind of test leaves a “heat memory” if you will. When you switch the induction hob on for the first time, the effects of the factory’s heat test often causes the hob to display the letter H. 

Should I Worry About It?

There is no need to be concerned. As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the most normal – and safe – reasons why an induction hob displays the H symbol. You basically do not have to do anything. Just use your hob as you normally would and the H should disappear on its own. 

Why Is My Induction Hob Flashing H After A Power Cut?

Top 4 Reasons Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing H

When your induction hob starts flashing H after a power interruption, the first thought you might have is probably not a good one. Did the power cut mess up the hob’s mind? Did it damage it in any way? You will be glad to know that there is likely nothing to worry about. A flashing H after an electrical outage is also very common with induction hobs.

But What Does It Mean?

Was your induction hob being used when the power went out? When you see a flashing H in this case, especially if the power comes back quickly, it could simply mean that the plate you are using is still hot. If it shows an H while the power is still out, here is the reason why. An induction hob is designed to show H as a warning not to touch hot parts, even after you turn off the appliance. Even when the power cuts off and the induction hob shows the H, the issue should also resolve itself once you use the hob again.

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That being said, not all induction hobs show an H during a power cut that happens while you are using the appliance. One must still be careful never to touch the cooking zones as they will remain hot for some time, even though there is no warning indicator.

Should I Worry About It?

No. In nearly all the cases of an H caused by a power cut, the warning symbol will disappear when you use the hob again. 

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An H Shows When A Cooking Zone Is On – And Very Hot!

We’re just going to say it. You seriously do not have to fret when you choose a cooking zone, turn it on and the H appears. It simply means that the cooking zone is now on and hot. Usually, the H will appear next to the symbol of the zone that is being used. As always, respect the H for what it is – a warning not to touch the cooking zone because you can get burned. 

In some cases, it might actually be a cause for concern when you heat up a cooking zone and the H does not appear. It could indicate that the cooking zone is struggling to heat up for some reason.

Why Is My Hob Showing H And h After I Switch It Off?

Top 4 Reasons Your Induction Hob Has A Flashing H

When you are new to using an induction hob, this could seem a little unusual. But there is no reason to worry. Most induction hobs are designed to show a warning after you turn the appliance off. Residual heat can be just as dangerous as active heat. In other words, you can still burn yourself pretty badly quite a while after you have turned off the hob.

But What Does It Mean?

Most induction hobs are designed to show two variations of the letter. The capital “H” and the small letter “h.” You are bound to see the capital H first after you turn off the hob. It represents a really hot plate, one that is usually above 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature drops, the H will turn into a small letter “h” to show that the cooking zone is still hot but that the plate is cooling. 

Should I Worry About It?

Not at all. If you switch off your induction hob and the H appears and eventually downgrades into an “h” then it shows your appliance is cooling down – as it should. Only rarely will the H get stuck as a capital letter. Even then it might disappear on its own once the cooking zone is completely cooled. 

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A Quick Summary On Why Induction Hobs Flash The Letter H

  • There is rarely a reason to be concerned when an induction hob flashes the letter H.
  • The symbol is a warning that a cooking zone is hot while in use or has residual heat after use.
  • Factory tests and power cuts can also cause the H to appear but both usually resolve themselves once you use the hob again.

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