Top 5 Ways To Keep A Futon Mattress From Sliding

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Futons are comfy and versatile – and they slide all over the place. Steady your favourite futon with these easy tips.

A futon can be stabilized by a variety of grips, straps, mats and even velcro. It is also essential to troubleshoot the futon frame.

Futons are fantastic but sliding is a common problem. With these tips, you can say goodbye to this annoying issue once and for all!

How To Make Sure Your Futon Never Slides Again

Futon mattresses are gaining a huge following thanks to their more affordable price range, minimalist appeal, and their shapeshifting ability. Indeed, by day a futon can be pulled up and used as a sofa and by night, the futon can be laid out and used as a mattress. But a lot of people never buy another one because their first experience with futons includes a lot of sliding. 

The good news is that you can do several things to keep a futon in place.

  1. Troubleshoot the futon’s frame.
  2. Add corner straps.
  3. The miracle of velcro.
  4. Rubber mats. 
  5. Futon grip strips.

Why Do I need To Examine The Futon’s Frame?

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Sure, futons have a bad reputation for going on midnight walkies. But on rare occasions, the futon is not the problem. When the frame is wobbly or slightly tilted, then it can cause a futon to slide around at night – even more so if you are a fidgety sleeper. 

Check the frame for uneven feet or loose parts. Sometimes, all it takes to fix the problem is to tighten the frame’s bolts. Also, check the floor. Is the surface even? A frame can be fine but appear uneven because the floor is a little lopsided. If this is the case, you have to move the futon frame to a part of the house where the floor is level. 

How Effective Are Corner Straps For Futons?

The straps of a futon frame are very effective. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all do the same thing and that is to keep your futon in place! You can purchase corner straps that are made specifically for futons or even use the ones that are designed for more traditional mattresses. 

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Can I Make My Own Futon Straps?

Do you have nimble fingers and a love of sewing projects? Then there is no reason why you cannot make your own futon corner straps. 

One of the most popular ways to do this is to sew two hooks to the underside of each corner of the futon. Take a piece of elastic band and sew a hook on each end. You will have to do the necessary adjustments based on your futon’s frame measurements but the idea is to hook one end of the strap to one of the corners hooks, loop the band under a slat and then fasten the remaining hook to the corner’s second hook. Do this with all four corners.

Can Velcro Really Keep My Futon From Sliding All Night?

velcro strap bed

Yes, it most certainly can! Velcro is also a better option if you do not have the sewing skills or you want a quicker way to get your futon to stay in place. 

Once again, you need to identify the contact points on the underside of the futon’s corners and make sure that there corresponding contact points on the slats. The things are as simple as cutting eight strips of velcro, glueing them to the four corners (underside) and the four frame corners (topside), allowing the strips to dry properly – and stick! For extra secure futons, you can add more strips wherever you can find contact points.

Pro tip: Do not use any glue. Make sure that you get a brand that is specifically designed to be fabric-friendly, non-toxic, and tough as nails. 

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I Like The Idea Of Rubber Mats. How Do They Keep A Futon In Place?

Rubber mats are used everywhere that people need to reduce slippage. If you go to the gym, you have probably noticed that the floors are covered with rubber mats and the popularity of yoga mats. Both prevent people from slipping and the same principle applies to futons. Simply put, a rubber mat, when placed in between the frame and the futon, will reduce the tendency of your futon to move. 

What Size Rubber Mat Do I Need?

The thing to remember is that you want to cover the whole area of the frame where the futon sits. To accomplish this, you can either use a single large rubber mat or several smaller ones. That being said, smaller ones might be prone to movement themselves but not a single mat. If you cannot find one that is the size of your futon frame, there are many stores that will gladly custom cut one for you!

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What Are Futon Grip Strips And Do They Work?

Futon grip strips do work and while they are similar to velcro, they are a little different. For one, they are specifically designed for futons and are pre-manufactured for you to use. In other words, no cutting (or less cutting) and no glue (they should already have adhesive). 

They normally come in packs of two. Check the size of the grip strips to ensure that you do not need more strips to hold your futon down. If the strips are large then two could be sufficient when one is placed at the top and the other at the foot of the bed. Smaller grip strips might not be as effective and you need to purchase an additional pack. 

Pro tip: Remember to look at customer reviews before you buy! This way, you will get the best product for your futon.

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A Quick Summary On How To Keep A Futon From Sliding

  • Futons are growing in popularity but their tendency to slide is offputting. 
  • There are several reasons why futons shift around at night, including fitful sleeping and smooth fabric. 
  • You can reduce or stop a futon from sliding by troubleshooting the frame or fixing the futon to the frame. 
  • The futon can be fixed to the frame with hooks, velcro patches, rubber mats, and futon grip strips.