Top 6 Ways To Cool Down A Memory Foam Topper

cool mattress topper

Mattress toppers are supposed to make your bed feel more luxurious. But if your memory foam topper gets too hot, we have the fixes!

Memory foam toppers can be cooled down by encouraging airflow around the bed, dressing it with a breathable protector, and wearing cooler clothes and blankets. Technology, like cooling gel and pads, can also cool down a memory foam topper.

A mattress topper is a luxurious item but when they get too hot, toppers can actually ruin your sleep. Discover 6 ways to reclaim your snooze-time!

The Top 6 Methods To Cool A Memory Foam Topper

An uncomfortable mattress topper is not much of a topper. Those made from memory foam are notorious for retaining heat – especially body heat – which can make them a problem during hot nights or the summer months. While a toasty topper is great for winter, here are 6 of the most popular ways to cool things down. Remember, you can use just one of them or combine several to get the best results that work for you!

  1. Create airflow in the room.
  2. Cover the topper with a breathable mattress protector.
  3. Use blankets that do not trap heat.
  4. Wear cooler nightclothes.
  5. Place a cooling pad underneath the topper.
  6. Replace it with a topper that contains cooling gel.

Create Airflow In The Room

First, there is something that you must understand about memory foam. It responds to the ambient temperature in the bedroom. This is good news. If you can cool the air in your bedroom, then the chances are that you will also successfully get rid of the heat that makes your topper so unbearable. 

How Do I Create More Airflow In My Bedroom?

Creating more airflow in your bedroom is really simple. Here are some of the top tips and tricks that you can try.

  • If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on. This will cool the air significantly and also keep moving it around the room.
  • Open the windows to create a draft (only use this option if you can safely do so in your area or your windows have burglar bars).
  • Add a ground fan or two and point them at your bed. This will quickly cool down your topper as well as the mattress.

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Cover The Topper With A Breathable Mattress Protector

breathable mattress protector

One reason why heat remains trapped in memory foam is this – the material cannot breathe, circulate air or allow moisture to evaporate. Very often, the culprit is a sheet or mattress protector that is not suitable for memory foam’s need to breathe. 

The best fabric is light cotton. This natural product allows the memory foam to get rid of moisture and circulate air which, in turn, reduces the temperature of the topper! You can wrap the topper in a cotton sheet or purchase a protector that is specifically made for memory foam toppers. 

Use Blankets That Do Not Trap Heat

Blankets that trap heat do so by holding onto warm pockets of air. Even as the air cools in the bedroom, the blankets could retain their warmth. This is a fantastic way to stay snug during the winter months but sounds like a hellish scenario during summer. However, a little knowledge about the different types of blankets can remedy the situation.

The following blankets are known to trap heat:

  • Wool blankets.
  • Cashmere blankets.
  • Cotton fleece blankets.

What Is The Best Cooling Blankets I Can Use? 

In the world of bedding, these are known as “cooling blankets.” Below are a few examples of the fabrics that are used to manufacture these blankets.

  • Lightweight flannel fleece.
  • Linen.
  • Polyester and cotton/polyester blends.
  • Bamboo viscose.
  • Cotton blends.
  • Pure cotton.

Pro Tip: You can also pull back the covers a few hours before you go to bed. This will allow the memory foam topper to cool down. 

Wear Cooler Nightclothes To Bed

cool pyjamas

What you wear to bed directly affects your body temperature. Your body temperature directly affects the memory foam topper. If you want to keep your topper cooler, then you also need to reduce your body temperature. That being said, never chill yourself so much that you feel uncomfortable or cannot sleep. The idea is to bring things down to a level that is still comfortable and not excessively hot. 

One way you can reduce your body temperature is to wear light and breathable nightclothes. This, together with a cooler room or cooling blankets, will greatly reduce the ability of your memory foam topper to retain too much heat. Don’t worry, it will still be comfy and toasty but no longer so steamy that it keeps you awake.

Place A Cooling Pad Underneath The Memory Foam Topper

What is a cooling pad, you might ask? Several bed companies make them so the design is different for each. However, they are created to absorb excess warmth during the night. Some use memory foam or a specific type of fibre to achieve this. Either way, a cooling pad actively works to pull heat away from you as you sleep. 

Most cooling pads are also designed like a fitted sheet. This makes them incredibly easy to install and stable. Needless to say, adding a cooling pad makes your bed even more comfortable!

Replace It With A Foam Topper That Contains Cooling Gel

Not everyone wants to spend so much effort to cool down a hot memory foam topper. In that case, it might be best to cut your losses and look for something better. In fact, you could solve your problem with a single purchase. 

These days, the latest memory foam mattresses and toppers nearly all contain cooling gel. This substance actively fights heat and allows you to sleep on a topper that keeps your body at its optimal temperature for sleep. 

A Quick Summary On How To Cool Down A Memory Foam Topper

  • Memory foam is notorious for becoming too hot during the summer months.
  • Memory foam toppers also suffer from this flaw.
  • The most popular ways to combat this is to create more airflow in the room, to use blankets that do not retain heat and to wear cooling nightclothes. 
  • Other things can be done as well including adding a cooling pad under the topper and dressing the topper with a breathable protector.
  • Sometimes the best thing to do is to get rid of the warm topper and replace it with a topper that contains memory foam with cooling gel.