Top Causes for Your Lay-Z-Spa Not Heating Up

If your LazySpa isn’t heating up, first of all – I’m sorry. Those things are godsends for those of us in cold climates with a bad back. But the good news is that it’s likely a problem that can be fixed! 

The 3 main reasons your Laz-Y-Spa is not heating up are Water flow issues, a faulty heating element, or a busted control board.

Keep reading for more information on why your Lay-Z-Spa isn’t heating up properly, and how to troubleshoot it!

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The Top Causes of Lay-Z-Spas Not Heating Up

Without further ado, here are all of the causes (and fixes) for a hot tub not heating up properly.

Water Flow Issues

If you’ve noticed your hot tub either heating more slowly than usual or repeatedly turning off, this could be the cause. A major indicator would be your control panel reading FLO, LF, or a similar message. Check your owner’s manual for the specific code.

If you’re getting this message, it means your hot tub isn’t passing enough water through the heater to properly do its job. The heater is designed (on most hot tubs) to cut out in this case to prevent burning it out or causing a fire.

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Water Flow Fixes

Water flow in a Lay-Z-Spa

1. Check your water levels.

Hot water evaporates, and you jumping in and out will throw water out. Just double-check that there’s enough water in your Lay-Z-Spa. If not, fill it up and try again.

2. Release airlocks.

  1. In short, an airlock is when air gets trapped where it shouldn’t be, stopping water flow. To fix this, simply:
    1. Fully open your jets
    2. Turn off and disconnect your heater
    3. Run the jets for ~15 seconds and see if water comes out
      1. If it doesn’t, do not run your pumps. Instead, loosen the union on the suction side of the hot tub until water comes out. Then tighten it again to prevent leaks.
    4. Repeat until air bubbles stop coming out. 

3. Clean your filter.

The filter gets dirty over time by nature, so be sure to regularly clean it. It should be cleaned at least once a month and replaced twice a year. These can be rather pricey (£50-100), but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

4. Check your pressure and flow switch.

This can be done with a multi-meter, but if it’s faulty it’ll need to be replaced. Probably best to let a pro do this.

5. Check your pumps.

 If water isn’t pumping in, surprise, your pumps are likely faulty. If there’s little or no water flow in the tub, this is likely the cause. It’s generally best to replace the whole pump.

Heating Element Problems

Spa pump working

If your heater is powered but the water is cold, you likely have an issue with a water heater. You can do this at home with the right tools and know-how, but it’s likely best to have a professional take a look. This will involve the use of a multi-meter again, so if you don’t have one, just pay a pro to do their job. 

Many of the problems that can lead to a faulty heating element were actually addressed in the list above. So if you’re still having issues, it’s likely that you’ve done everything you can easily do yourself. Low flow and dirty filters can cause heating element issues, as can a bad cover or poor winterizing if you’re in a cold climate. 

While replacing the cover is easy, it’s not guaranteed to fix the issue, hence why we recommend you hire a pro.

Control Board Problems

This is, unfortunately, an expensive problem to fix, especially if you have a foreign hot tub. The control board does exactly what its name implies – it controls the hot tub. If there’s a fault in the circuit board, you’ll need to replace that (or worse, the whole control panel) to solve your Lay-Z-Spa not heating up.

While you certainly can replace the board, they can run upwards of £1,000. At that point, it may be better to buy a new one after labor costs for a pro are added.

Minor Problems

  1. As mentioned above, your hot tub cover has an important job. It protects your hot tub’s interior from the weather and maintains heat in the tub while it’s on. Just like the windows in your home, hot tub covers are the primary cause of heat loss.
    1. Replacing your hot tub cover may seem expensive, but remember that you pay to heat the thing. Any heat lost is literally money dissipating with your water. 
  2. If you recently refilled your hot tub, that could be a cause of cold water. They generally take at least twelve hours to get up to temperature, longer in winter. If you just filled it up earlier today, give it time. There may be nothing wrong with your Lay-Z-Spa after all.
  3. Air blowers are really cool – they’re what make bubbles in your spa. But they also are introducing air into the tub, which will cool it. Make sure your air blower is only running for short intervals, and don’t leave it on with the tub. 

Final Thoughts

Hot tubs are awesome creations that truly work wonders for sore backs and joints. But if your Lay-Z-Spa stops heating up, there are a few things that could be wrong. As with all repairs, it’s best to start small and work your way up to the bigger potential problems. 

Start by cleaning your filters and checking water levels, then move on to inspecting more complicated parts. Always check your water flow first, as the steps to fix it actually can solve other seemingly unrelated problems. And if you’ve done all of the above steps, maybe look at your hot tub’s cover. 

While they’re expensive to replace, they will save you massive amounts of money in the long run. Ensuring you have a properly insulated and winterized hot tub in cold climates is vital to its long-term health. And, as always, if you’re unsure of your abilities to fix these issues – hire a pro. They exist for a reason.