Top Tips To Safely Move With A Purple Mattress

moving truck mattress

Moving can damage any mattress. We have all the advice you need to safely move to a new house without damaging your Purple mattress.

To ensure safe transportation, a Purple mattress must be folded, tied down, and wrapped in plastic. It also needs to be boxed and taped for the ultimate protection during the drive to your new home.

Worried about nicks and tears? No worries. We show you exactly how to prepare your Purple mattress for the drive to its new bedroom!

How To Prepare Your Purple Mattress For Moving Day

We all know that moving is stressful. One way to reduce the troubles of the big day is to do as much preparation as you can. Leaving things to the last minute is never a good idea but in some cases, you do not really have a choice. After all, you cannot box up your bed a week early (unless you are willing to hit the couch). 

Preparing your Purple mattress is not rocket science but you might need some help to make the task go faster. Here are the basic steps you can expect.

  1. Gather everything you need. 
  2. Wrap it up in plastic.
  3. Secure the mattress in place with straps.
  4. Another plastic wrapping round!
  5. Box it up.
  6. Tape up the whole thing.

Gather Everything You Need To Pack Away The Mattress

duct tape for mattress box

Preparation is key, so make sure that you have everything ready before you start! For your convenience, we drew up a complete list (and it’s not too long).

  • Two plastic bags. They should be large enough to hold a folded mattress.
  • Straps to secure the mattress.
  • A box that is big enough to hold the item.
  • A roll of duct tape.
  • A good pair of scissors.

How To Wrap The Purple Mattress In A Plastic Bag

This is where you might appreciate a little help. The first step to prepare your Purple mattress for the move is to fold it in half and stuff it into a large plastic bag. The latter is usually specifically sold as mattress storage bags at many retailers, in case you are wondering where to find a bag that is large enough. 

Always be careful when folding and holding your Purple mattress down. While these mattresses are high-quality and tough cookies to boot, rough handling can damage anything. Even a good mattress. Slowly fold the mattress over and while holding the two sides together, slip the plastic bag over the folded mattress. 

Use Soft Straps To Holed The Purple Mattress In Place

What kind of straps should you use? The best-recommended type is a strap that is both soft and strong. Think somewhere in the direction of bungee cord straps and you are on the right track. When straps are too hard or harsh, they will rub against the plastic. This, in turn, will lead to damage to the plastic bag and ultimately your mattress. Not a good thought, now is it?

The straps that will make the job easier and also keep the mattress securely in place are the type that comes with clasps. This is not 100 percent necessary but it will save you the effort of tying knots and untying them when things look a little too tight or loose.

Use A Box Big Enough To Hold The Mattress

carton box for mattress

You might want to fold and measure your Purple mattress a week or two before the move. As people often find out, tracking down large boxes can be tougher than it looks. You can ask around at shops or markets but chances are that it will take time to find something that is big enough to hold a mattress that had been folded in half. 

To get the measurements, simply fold your mattress for long enough for you to get the necessary numbers. Write down the width, length, and depth of the mattress. Use these measurements as a guideline to find a box that is slightly larger. You do not want a fit that is too tight because it will damage the plastic cover when you push the mattress into the box. 

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Time To Add The Second Plastic Bag For Extra Protection

Adding a second plastic bag adds extra protection for your Purple mattress. As a bonus, it also ensures that your mattress stays clean. Dust particles might get through a box but the chances of those tiny specks making it through two layers of plastic are virtually nil. 

The second plastic bag should be slipped over your Purple mattress after you have strapped on the cords and before you put the mattress in the box. This time, getting the mattress into the bag should be easier and quicker than the first time. Once you are done, pull closer the box, duct tape, and a pair of scissors.

How To Box Up Your Purple Mattress

Congratulations, you are almost done! All that remains is to box up that mattress and seal it. Once you are ready, slowly insert the mattress into the box and take care not to snag the plastic on anything. The good news is that there is actually little chance of that happening but one cannot be too careful. It will be a downer to see a rip in the plastic after you went through all the trouble to find, purchase, and push the mattress into them. 

After the mattress is finally inside the box, carefully turn the package on one side so that the open end is facing upwards. This will make it easier for you to tape shut. But before you start duct taping everything, make sure that you interlock the open end’s flaps in a dove-tailing fashion. 

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Tape Up The Box And Smile (You Are Done)

Using the roll of duct tape and scissors, seal all the openings. After you are done with the one end of the box (where the mattress went in) do a quick check to see if there are any other edges, ends, or small openings. Tape these up as well. You want to keep dust and impurities out, even though your mattress is pretty much well-sealed already inside the two plastic bags. 

Transport The Box In A Safe Manner

When the moving van arrives, the best place for the box is on top of other boxes. Placing something heavy on it might pierce the carton, the plastic bags, and ultimately the mattress.

A Quick Summary On How To Safely Move With A Purple Mattress

  • You can easily prepare your Purple mattress for a safe journey by following a few simple guidelines. 
  • All that is required are two mattress-sized plastic bags, a large box, straps, duct tape, and scissors. 
  • The mattress is wrapped twice in plastic, secured with the straps, placed inside the box and taped shut.
  • The box must always rest on top of other boxes to prevent something heavy from damaging the mattress.