Vaillant Boiler Temperature Settings

Today we’ve got a special treat – rather than talking about what’s wrong with something in your home, we get to talk about how to keep it running right! I know, it’s a bit of a change from the norm, but it’s a welcome one. Nobody wants to be constantly worrying about what’s wrong with their home, sometimes it’s nice to just learn what to do to keep everything all good. Today’s specific topic is Vaillant boiler temperature settings and basic upkeep.

A Vaillant boiler’s temperature settings in relation to your radiator should be (ideally) around 75° C for ideal performance, with 65° C in the summer.

Modern combi boilers are a bit different from what you may be used to, and there are a few changes to keep in mind if this is your first one. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Vaillant Boiler Temperature Settings: The Basics

First things first – the temperatures that we’re talking about aren’t the ones on your home’s thermostat. Those should be set (generally) between 19-21° C for ideal efficient operation. The temperature range of 65-75° C we discussed earlier is the range for your radiator.

If you have young children (or don’t like really warm things) it may be best to keep your boiler temperature set no higher than 65° C to ensure nobody is scalded accidentally.

Keep in mind, however, that the lower your radiator temperature, the less efficient your heating system will be. That means higher bills and slower heating when it’s needed.

For your water heating system itself, the ideal temperature range is around 60° C. Setting your boiler above that level runs the risk of scaling in your system (bad).

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How to Set Boiler Temperature, Tips & Tricks

Most Vaillant combi boilers have a button specifically for both radiator and hot water temperatures. They allow you to adjust the temperature in 1° C increments. If you’re unsure of where to locate these buttons, refer to the owner’s manual.

There are a few things to know that will make your life drastically easier. First things first – try to keep your bedroom temperatures (on the thermostat) slightly lower than the rest of your home. Most people like to sleep under blankets, which usually makes heating less important. Cutting the temperature in your room by as little as 2° C can lower your heating bill and make the room drastically more comfortable.

One extra tip – embrace your inner dad. Monitor your thermostat and pay attention to when you’re in rooms. Taking the extra ten seconds to adjust a thermostat as you leave the room will add up over the month. You’ll see your bills lower, and a single degree generally goes unnoticed by people in the room. Plus, you get to say the famous line every dad has ever said, and you don’t need kids to do it!

This also applies to the boiler temperature itself. The lower your boiler’s base temperature, the lower your gas bill. If you don’t use hot water often (maybe you live alone?), lowering your boiler temp adds up. Keep in mind that if your home is large, you’ll need to have a higher base temperature. If it’s too low, radiators on the far side of your home won’t heat up enough.

Now go tell your housemates that you don’t pay to heat the whole neighbourhood and turn down the thermostat by an annoyingly small amount!

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Final Thoughts

This was a short and sweet article. If you find that you’re still a bit confused about Vaillant boiler temperature settings, it’s worth checking out Vaillant’s guide right here. Anything that they don’t answer in the article, they’ll have experts to help out. Most of your questions should be answered in the owner’s manual, but who keeps those anyway, right?

Just remember three things. First, your boiler temp, radiator temp, and thermostat temps are different and should be kept in varied ranges. Second, keep bedrooms slightly cooler than the rest of your home, as 1 degree saves money in the long run. And, perhaps most importantly, embrace your inner dad, adjusting temperatures as you leave the room. This will save you money and you will likely not notice a change in comfort.

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