How To Find The Right Size Rotary Washing Line

If you want to find the best rotary washing line for your home, then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing the correct size rotary washing line depends on several factors. The most important to keep in mind is the physical space that is available, the size of your family, and the type of laundry you want to hang.

Buying the wrong rotary line can be disappointing. Let’s find out which size is the best for your home and needs!

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What Size Rotary Washing Line Do I Need?

Rotary washing lines come in different sizes and designs. Some can stand in the garden while others can be screwed into a wall. The most popular rotary washing line is the one that can be placed in the garden because clothes dry better outside (thank to sunshine and the wind). These lines also commonly have 3 or 4 arms, with the 4-armed design offering more line space for bigger laundry loads.

There are certain factors that you need to consider when choosing a line.

  1. The available space to install a rotary washing line.
  2. The size of your family.
  3. The type of laundry.

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The Available Space To Install A Rotary Washing Line

Before you buy a rotary washing line, it is essential to see if you have space for one. The outdoors variety is not going to be suitable if you only have a small cement area or you live on the fifth floor. Rotary washing lines that sit in the garden needs a foundation. In other words, you have to dig a hole and stabilize the main pole by pouring in a block of concrete.

If you do have a garden but you are the tenant, make sure to get the owner’s permission to install a garden rotary washing line! Most won’t complain as it adds value to the property but still, make sure that the owner is okay with the new washing line.

If you do not have a garden, don’t want to dig up the garden or the owner of the house refuses to give permission, you can always try a wall-mounted rotary line (although you’ll need to get approval from the landlord too).

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What Size Rotary Washing Line Do I Need?

The Size Of Your Family

The size of your family will directly determine the size of your new rotary clothing line. It’s not difficult to see why. Let’s say that there is a couple in one house and next to them lives another couple with two kids. In the third house is an extended family of parents, a grandparent, and three or four children.

The couple will definitely survive with the smaller 3-arm rotary line. The couple with the two kids as well providing that the children are a bit older. Babies need a lot of their laundry washed every day! A couple with small kids and the large family in the third house will be better off with the bigger, 4-armed rotary washing line.

But what if you need a bigger rotary line but only have the space for a 3-armed stand? It’s not a dealbreaker. You can still get the smaller one but you will, unfortunately, have to do several smaller loads of laundry instead of one load for the day.

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The Type Of Laundry You Wash The Most

If this sounds a little odd, bear with us. Once again, it all comes down to size. Let’s say that you are a couple who lives without kids or extended family members. That smaller, 3-armed stand might not be the best fit for you if you love washing your bed sheets every week along with all of your other clothing. On the other hand, if you just need an extra rotary washing line to hang your children’s items like small socks, shirts, and dresses, then a smaller line could be sufficient.

Bigger Is Better (Sometimes)

Extra space is always a good thing on a washing line. Even if your needs are small, getting a bigger rotary washing line means that you can hang clothing properly without scrunching them together to fit all the items in a row. Getting a bigger line also helps if you suspect that your needs might change in the future (perhaps you are planning a new baby in the next year or an elderly parent might move in one day).

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A Quick Summary On How To Choose The Right Size Rotary Washing Line

  • A rotary washing line is a perfect alternative to the more traditional long-line washing lines.
  • Rotary lines are suitable for smaller gardens and homes.
  • They can be installed outdoors or riveted into a room indoors (most commonly in the bathroom or laundry room).
  • Rotary washing lines are mostly available in two models, the 3-arm stand and the 4-arm stand.
  • The 4-arm stand has more space.
  • Choosing the right rotary washing line for your home depends on several factors.
  • These factors include the space that is available for installation, the type of laundry you wash the most often, and the size of your family.
  • Sometimes, investing in a bigger rotary washing line is a good idea. Your clothing will have more space and even if you have limited needs, they might change in the future (especially if your family is growing).
  • If you are the tenant, always seek permission from the owner before installing anything in the garden or home.