4 Reasons Why Your Deep Fat Fryer Is Foaming

A foamy fryer keeping you on your toes? Find out the top reasons why this is happening and how to solve the problem once and for all.

A deep fat fryer can foam for several reasons. The most common include moist ingredients, starch, dirty oil, and high temperatures.

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Why Is My Deep Fat Fryer Foaming?

Deep fat fryers are among the most commonly used equipment in the kitchen. They can be found at restaurants and homes. This piece of equipment is popular for its efficiency and tasty results but sometimes, it can act up a little. One of the most common concerns is foam. When in use and you find that the appliance foams a lot, you might begin to doubt the quality of the fryer.

However, true as that may be, there is usually something else afoot. Before blaming the manufacturer, check the 4 top reasons why a deep fat fryer behaves like a bubble monster.

  1. The ingredients are moist.
  2. Starch.
  3. The oil is dirty.
  4. High oil temperatures.

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The Ingredients Are Moist

This is the most common cause of foam in deep fat fryers. Once you add ingredients (that are way too moist) to the fryer, the water on the surface of the food being fried gets displaced. During this process, the water is basically released into the oil.

If you paid attention in chemistry class then you know where things are going! But if not, it boils down to this – oil is not soluble in water. Since the water and oil do not mix, the water gathers in droplets before heading up to the surface of the oil. The result is a lot of foam in your deep fat fryer.

How Do I Prevent Foam Caused By Moist Ingredients?

There is only one way that you can prevent this from taking place and it is by removing as much moisture as possible from the ingredients that you intend to deep fry.

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How Starch Causes A Fryer To Foam

Starch is also something that we see a lot in the deep frying game. Indeed, it makes the batter more crispy when fried. Unfortunately, starch is another common cause of foaming in deep fat fryers. How so? Starch breaks down in the frying process and as a result, it releases a substantial amount of foam.

How Do I Prevent Foam Caused By Starch?

Most of the time, foam caused by starch is an unavoidable occurrence. However, that does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. Here are two things you can try.

  • You can opt for alternative ways of frying your favourite meals with high starch content.
  • It is also worth noting that using a high-quality type of oil can help prevent this problem or if not, it will at least reduce the amount of foam.

The Oil Is Dirty

We are all a little guilty of re-using cooking oil at times! But when you re-use oil for a long time, a lot of small and burnt food particles start to accumulate at the bottom of the deep fryer. Dirt can also hang suspended in the oil or both. When oil is full of such particles and it is used to fry a meal, the unfortunate result is a lot of foam.

How Do I Prevent Foam Caused By Dirty Oil?

It is advisable to regularly replace the oil. To be fair, you can use it two or three times. But replacing it with a fresh batch of oil every now and again will prevent dirt from accumulating at the bottom of the deep fryer. Alternatively, you can also try a different type of oil that does not get dirty upon reusing. Vegetable oil and olive oil are both great options if you want to avoid this type of problem.

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High Oil Temperatures

Another oil-related problem in deep fryers that cause a lot of foam is high temperatures. The good news is that most high-quality oils have a tendency to withstand the effects of high temperature and produce no foam.

How Do I Prevent Foam Caused By High Temperatures

The problem is fairly easy to prevent. You can opt for high-quality oil to use in a deep fat fryer. Also, it is worth noting that the more you reuse your oil, the more incapable it becomes to withstand high temperatures without foaming. Again olive oil and pure vegetable oil are better options especially if you love to fry meals that must be prepared with high temperatures.

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A Quick Summary On Why Your Deep Fat Fryer Is Foaming

  • Foaming is a common problem with deep fat fryers.
  • The main causes of the foaming effect in a deep fat fryer are high temperatures, starchy foods, moist ingredients and dirt in the oil.
  • Each of these causes is easy to prevent.
  • However, If you have tried all the prevention methods mentioned above without any success, then you probably should check the condition of the deep fat fryer or make sure that you are not overloading the fryer beyond its food capacity.